Elegant, chic, unconventional wooden bathtubs

Wood is not a common material when it comes to bathtubs. In fact, until quite recently, even the thought of having a bathtub made of wood was not something people were familiar with. However, designers often think out of the box and this has led to numerous wonderful creations, wooden tubs being just one of them.

Match the wooden tub to the rest of your bathroom furniture for a cohesive décor

In order to protect the wood from water damage, a highly resistant varnish is used. This way the wood remains undamaged by the water and it also preserves its natural beauty, texture and color. Usually, each wooden bathtub is crafted individually and sometimes they are custom designed for each client. They are a very elegant option for those that want to have a more sophisticated-looking bathroom. Also, a wooden tub gives the room a more cozy and inviting feel.

Use warm, earthy colors in the bathroom for the same purpose
Allow the tub to stand out by using contrasting colors around itA beautiful wooden tub can easily become a focal point in the roomWooden tubs are definitely the most elegant and they can’t be compared with anything elseThe grain of the wood is visible and gives character to the tubYou can match the tub to a wooden washbasin featuring the same type of wood

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The tubs can be made from numerous different types of wood and this influences their overall design. They can also have many different types of designs, just like any other type of bathtub. Each one is unique, especially if it’s hand crafted. You can match the wooden tub to the rest of the bathroom furniture or you can make it stand out as a focal point. Whatever the case it, the wooden tub will be a very elegant addition to the room.{picture sources from site}.



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