Elegant and Relaxing Armchair- Inspired Bath Tub by Thomas Linssen

There are so many ways of relaxation as taking a walk in the park, spending so me nice moments in spa saloon, sitting in a chaise lounge or a rocking chair in front of a fireplace or watching TV, reading your favorite book or just taking a bath in your lovely and relaxing bathroom.Perhaps a hot bath in your private bathroom is one of the most relaxing ways. All you need is to prepare your hot water in your bath tub, some perfumed oils and perhaps some scented candles that might create a romantic atmosphere too.

Thomas Linssen, a Dutch designer of Studio Thol thought of these relaxing moments that you can spend in a bath tub as the nice moments that you spend in a comfortable armchair in your lovely living room.

The design he has created for this bath tub imitates the shape of a relaxing armchair. It is an elegant Armchair – Inspired Bath Tub that has a a wooden frame made from American White Oak and a composite of polyester and marble tub.As you have already felt relaxed in your comfortable armchair in front of your TV, imagine yourself sitting in an “armchair” filled with some hot water waiting for your body to satisfy all its senses.

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