Electrically Heated Towel Rack

It’s still winter and the worst part of the day for me is the moment when I have to get out of the warmth of my bed, go to the bathroom and wash my face with ice-cold water and then wipe my face with a cold towel. It’s like I am peeling the skin off my face and believe me, this is anything but pleasant. I know, I could wash my face with warm water, but it takes too long to wait for the water to heat up in the morning and I don’t have too much time. And then I thought of a trick: what if I use a warm towel after that? Nice idea, but I don’t have a heater in the bathroom, so I have to cross the whole house to pick a towel I put on the bedroom heater the previous evening. Hm, annoying. Then I found this amazing electrically heated towel rack.

You can fix this towel rack on your bathroom wall and use it only when you are home or when you want to – it’s not necessary to keep it turned on every moment. It is electrically heated, so you have to plug it in and then press the ON button when you want it to work. The rack is made of sturdy aluminum, so it will warm up instantly and warm your towel, too. You can use it for warming the entire bathroom if you want to. It is barely one meter tall, it is very easy to install and the price is a real bargain – only $79.95.

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