Duck Brush by Iris Hantverk

Creative minds see the world in a different way: if you see a brush that you use to wash your toes and fingers, they see a duck that quacks and swims happy on the water in your bathtub. Don’t laugh! It’s true. Normally when you want a bath brush that is what you expect to see. But when I saw this amazing Duck brush I was first stunned, then I started smiling and I thought I should buy it. Once it gets your attention, you will certainly want it and that is the point.

The designer, Iris Hantverk showed us her vision so instead of having a totally boring wooden brush you have now a duck on your brush or a brush with a duck-shaped handle or something similar. The brush is made of a wooden disc that is actually the support for the horse hair in the brush. Then the disc is also the support for the wooden duck – the small decoration that can serve as a handle , too. I find it funny and interesting and you can purchase it now for $19.95.


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