Dragon Sink Tap

Taking a walk through a large hardware store, you will find all the things that you may or may not use in your entire life, one thing is certain there are things for each and every one of you.  Among the things I would never use is this dragon sink tap. I would never use it because of my cultural background and not because it doesn’t look good or something like that.

Asian culture is based on strong beliefs in the afterlife as well in previous lives.Their calendar has deep implications and each year corresponds to a different animal.  Asians, especially the Chinese and Japanese believe that they are the descendants of the dragon, a mighty creature that symbolizes power and mystery. Despite its imposing stature the Asians don’t look at the dragon as we do, the mythical beast is long celebrated for its benevolence, intelligence and good will.

That is why we see graphical representations, statues and other things I those regions, because of their close connection with mythology.This dragon shaped sink tap from Mestre is another way to celebrate and to show their respect for tradition. The Swarovski Crystals are a modern touch symbolizing richness and wealth. This sculptural luxury piece is only for connoisseurs and for those with the specific cultural background, because somebody like me could never appreciate this and probably look at it from a whole different perspective.

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