DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Actually Make Sense

The bathroom is not the most exciting room of the house but it can definitely look cool and feel welcoming if you put some effort into its design. Every bathroom is different so naturally every bathroom remodel involves different steps, design ideas and all sorts of supplies. We hope to inspire you with the following projects that we’ve gathered below. Pick the ideas that you like and combine them to create something custom-made that suits your bathroom perfectly.

There’s a lot that you can do to change the way your existing bathroom looks and of course it’s all closely related to the current state of the room. We really like how fresh and cozy this modern farmhouse bathroom featured on blesserhouse looks. It didn’t change much in terms of layout. The vanity stayed in place, the toilet and the shower are the same too but there’s a totally new vibe in here. The walls were painted in a more fresh color, the floor got cleaned up, the vanity is now white and has new door handles and knobs and there are also a few additions such as the floating shelves, the new mirror frame, the shower curtain and the decorations.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel this could also be a good time to replace the old floor tiles. You can do this yourself with the proper tools and supplies. Use this cool bathroom makeover reveal from lovegrowswild as your source of inspiration. As you can see, it now has mosaic floor tiles which look lovely, white walls and furniture and a matching new shower curtain. The round mirror hanging above the sink adds a bit of color to the space and the soft area rug adds texture to the design.

A large bathroom requires more work but can also offer more satisfying results. One of our favorite remodel projects in this sense comes from sarahjoyblog. Like in a lot of other cases, a main objective here was to make the room seem brighter and that meant the color palette had to be changed. The browns and beige tones were replaces with whites and grays and that gives this master bathroom a really fresh and airy look. The little vintage accents such as the drawer pulls, towel hangers and lighting fixtures really make a difference.

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A change in color can also mean a change in ambiance and decor, as exemplified through this gorgeous bathroom remodel project from abeautifulmess. The focal point shifted from the previously blue floor to the stylish pastel pink vanity. Mosaic hexagon tiles were installed on the floor, the old countertop was replaced with a white marble one, the walls and ceiling were painted white and chic golden accents were added in the form of a new hexagon-shaped mirror frame and wall sconces. The new bathroom looks more feminine and modern without being over the top filled with color or decorative elements.

The modern boho bathroom remodel from houseonlongwoodlane is really inspiring too. Once again, one of the main goals here was to make a space look brighter and the off white walls and furniture definitely help with that. Although the old mirror was larger, the new and smaller one looks a lot nicer. It has a white frame which really makes it pop. The marble countertop brightens up the space even more and all the gold accents add a chic and elegant vibe to the decor. The addition of the potted plants should be noted as well.

Simplifying the color palette is often a good idea when it comes to bathroom remodels but sometimes the opposite can work better. A good example is a project featured on addicted2decorating. Previously, this room looked dull and outdated, with poor lighting and a yellowing hue on pretty much everything, including the doors. New colors and materials were introduced into the space and that gives the room more depth and more character. Contrasting surfaces reveal focal points and create a more dynamic design. The window was replaced with a painting which is quite unusual but definitely makes sense in this case.

When in doubt about which colors to choose for your new bathroom remodel project, consider black and white. It’s a timeless combination that always looks nice and suits just about any style you can think of. Of course, color isn’t the only thing you need to change. You might have to make a few structural changes as well. For example, this bathroom was enlarged quite a bit just by taking down that awkward wall section that placed the tub inside a sort of alcove or niche. Everything else was simplified, including all the furniture, lighting and accessories. The bathroom is now looking bright, open and a lot more modern. Check out homebodyinmotion to find out more details about the remodel.

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Another cool idea worth trying is to turn the bathroom floor into the focal point of the room. You can do that in a lot of different ways, most commonly with tiles. This bathroom for example got new floor tiles which form a beautiful blue surface with a honeycomb pattern on it. On top of that there’s a colorful area rug which adds even more pattern and color to the space. To balance things out, the rest of the bathroom is very simple and reduced to black and white elements and minimalist lines. If you want to find out more about this project, check out theeffortlesschic.

Another way to change the look and ambiance of a bathroom is by focusing on one element. For example, if your bathroom has a big vanity or a large cabinet, changing the way that particular piece of furniture looks can also change the appearance of the rest of the space. With that in mind, it might be time to plan a cabinet makeover. We think you’re really going to enjoy this transformation which is described in detail on cravingsomecreativity. It’s a great makeover that can potentially inspire a lot of wonderful bathroom remodels.

On a similar note, it might also be cool to refresh your bathroom by adding a completely new vanity. You can build the piece yourself and it can look pretty and be practical without being too difficult to make. The design we have in mind comes from studio36interiors so that’s where you’re going to find the full tutorial for this entire project. This is a double vanity with four storage drawers and an open shelf at the bottom.

Another thing you can do in order to spruce up your old bathroom is to add beadboard to the walls. This would create a cozy and inviting ambiance and would give the room more character. It’s a good idea if the bathroom is small or uneventful in other ways. While you’re at it you might also want to paint the walls and try a new color, something that can contrast with the beadboard sections but also blend in quite nicely. In any case, you can find all the details you need on diydecormom.



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