Distress Blue Mirror

Mirrors are usually used for reflecting your face so that you can see if you look fine or not, if your make-up is OK . That is why most people use smaller mirrors, like those ones round or square ones you hang in the bathroom or in the bedroom. However, every once in a while, you need a bigger mirror where you can see your whole body. And it usually stays in the hallway because you need to check every detail one more time before getting out of the door to a fancy party, a wedding or something like that. Well, it may surprise you, but this Distress Blue Mirror is actually meant to be fixed on the bathroom wall.

Of course you can put it wherever you might find convenient and this was just a suggestion, but I think it would convince me to start a diet. Any way, this mirror is really simple in design, even minimalist in style, so it would fit any modern home. It has refined weathered edgings around the elm surface and is also available in other colours. It brings a bit of colour into your house and is perfect for any home where you have at least one woman living. You can get it now for a reduced price of $500 from Green Tea Design.

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