Design Ideas For Making Your Bathroom Shower Special

Bathroom, although mainly utilitarian, have immense potential for becoming beautiful, welcoming and relaxing spaces. One of the features that doesn’t always gets the attention it deserves is the bathroom shower. There are lots of wonderful styles and designs which can elevate it to a whole new level. There’s of course the walk-in shower which many modern and contemporary bathrooms have adopted but there are also lots of interesting variations which often make a big difference.

Marble tiles are always looking elegant and they suit a variety of different styles. A white marble shower wall can definitely look exquisite, especially if you get to see it from other parts of the room as well as potentially coordinate it with a matching sink or countertop.

It’s usually practical to have the shower placed in one corner of the bathroom. It fills the space perfectly and doesn’t get in the way plus with a minimalist designs such as this one it would be barely noticeable. We enjoy the minimalism and the the fact that this is an all-white shower.

Speaking of minimalist designs, check out how sleek and peaceful this bathroom looks. The corner shower is the centerpiece of this particular area and it’s complemented by a super slender ladder-style towel holder. The plants are absolutely magnificent and go really well with the bright and simple color palette.

Of course, privacy is a common concern especially when the bathroom is not exactly prioritizing this detail. Still, frosted glass can make a big different in the case of the shower and this is a gorgeous example. In this case it does really well with the darker color palette of the room and its open layout.

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The LED lighting gives this spacious shower a really pleasant and comfortable look. That’s of course in combination with this particular selection of materials, finishes and colors. There’s also another cool detail here and that’s the floating ledge that can be used as a bench, a counter or a shelf to store toiletries and towels on.

A nice-looking shower panel can add a lot to a bathroom. Of course, there’s more to consider in this case than just aesthetics and it’s important for the panel to also match the overall style of the shower and the bathroom in general.

The floor of this shower is absolutely amazing. Taking a shower in here feels like sitting in the rain in the middle of a beautiful garden or a tropical forest. The floor alone gives it such a zen feel and that little bit of greenery makes it all come together beautifully.

A simple and more classic kind of shower can also look absolutely beautiful. White subway tiles are always a good fit and they can be arranged in a variety of beautiful patterns. Here we really like the whole black and white combo and the sleek copper accents followed by the wooden flooring.

A doorless shower is yet another very interesting option. It’s typically a good fit for large bathrooms where the shower doesn’t get in the way or becomes a focal point for the space around it. This one fits in seamlessly, especially given the continuous marble floor and walls.

Figuring out the best design for a shower also has to do with how the bathroom is structured, the layout and the overall style. Here for example, the shower has its own little nook as if this area has been carved out just for it. That gives it a really cozy look.

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Adding various accessories to your shower can make a big difference. A few of the options include adding towel holders for easy access, shelves for storing toiletries on, hooks for bathrobes and also a small stool or a ledge to sit on or use as an additional storage option.

There’s also nothing wrong with a more typical shower stall that’s basically its own freestanding feature independent from the space around it. There are many different types, sizes and styles to choose from and some are more glamorous and luxurious than others.

Here space is definitely an issue, as this large shower proves. There’s lots of space here and the clear glass walls and the door let you see inside which makes the area feel more open and airy but also diminishing privacy. The lighting is subtle and has a cool blueish hue.

A small corner shower would fit in any bathroom and you can leave it doorless to make the transition more seamless. Also, there are lots of ways to give it more character with the help of specific types of tiles or colors.

There are plenty of ways to make a small shower feel bigger and making the space around it feel airy. Minimalism always helps so go with simple and clean lines and also consider using mirrors in a cool way to give the impression of a larger space.



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