Demilune Bath Cabinet

Bathrooms are usually not very large rooms where you spend little time every day. But if you want to feel fine in the bathroom and not to have a sensation that all things around you are too many and too crowded, then you should try and find the proper furniture for it, some furniture that is space saving and also looks nice. One very good example is this Demilune Bath Cabinet that is perfectly designed to fit any side of your bathroom. It has a very simple and beautiful design, with round corners and this will look fine and prevent you from bumping into furniture corners and getting injured. The cabinet has a demilune design, as the name suggests it and is made of solid ash and engineered wood with white-stained ash veneer.

The cabinet is all white and clean and has an elegant marble top, perfectly suiting any bathroom. It has two shelves inside that you can use for storing any kind of bathroom items like towels, shampoo and so on. The two doors are also curved and have magnetic closures and the three short legs are curved and rather stylish and elegant. The cabinet is useful and occupies little space, is made of wood and this looks fine in the bathroom. The item is now available for $299 on West Elm.

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