Delta Arzo Robe Hook

When you think about the bathroom and the things you need to place inside it, you immediately think about the vanity, bathtub, some cabinet or shelf and that’s it. But then you go to have a shower and realize you need a hook to hang your robe to or else you will have to go naked through the house and get in the bathroom ready for the bath or shower. Well, robe hooks are tiny, but very useful. Look at this Delta Arzo Robe Hook. It has a special and interesting design, with a modern geometric shape and fits the modern bathrooms perfectly.

Normally hooks for clothes are round in shape or have a rounded gentle shape, but not this time. This hook is rather square and is made of stainless steel, which makes it all shiny and sparkling, also perfect for the moist environment of the bathroom. So it will not tarnish or corrode like other hooks. It goes on the wall or door and is very easy to install. The zinc die cast construction provides reliability and durability. It is perfect for bathroom robes, but you cal also use them for towels. The item is now available at Home Depot for the price of $28.99.

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