Decorating Tips For Smaller En-Suite Bathrooms

If your bathroom is spacious then there are a wide variety of products and suites that you can choose from, designed to coordinate well. With smaller bathrooms and, in particular, en-suites you have to be that little bit more careful with your selections. The first thing to do is to decide whether you can squeeze in a bathtub along with a shower, toilet and hand wash basin. If you can, then select a coordinating range of products that will not steal all of the available floor space.

Dealing With Restricted Height.

It is no good having to order a shower tray from a different range than your tub, for instance, just because you need a more compact one. If in doubt, give up on one element of the suite for a smaller en-suite. Be prepared to have no bathtub at all, or to have a shower enclosure that sits over the bath, instead of trying to cram too much in. White suites and white tiling will always give a sense of more space, especially if you have not already filled it all.

Where your en-suite facility has restricted height, for instance because it is in the eaves of a building, make sure that it is not more of a problem than it needs to be by installing your suite with some thought. Fit the toilet and the bath in the space with lowest head clearance and the shower in the space with the most. Back up the light from any skylight windows with plenty of light fittings. If the ceiling height is so low that it will become easily splashed, then tile over it using a light reflecting tile.

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No-Wall En-Suites.

To save space in a bedroom with an en-suite, install one with a glass partition rather than a wall. This way you don’t have the thickness of the wall and tiling on the inside. The glass partition will work as a means of controlling any splashing and allow light to flow through. Even if the area given over to the en-suite is small, being able to see through means that you won’t feel cramped when using it. Of course, you have to compromise on privacy a little, but there’s nothing to stop you putting a closet in the way, next to the toilet for instance.

The Open Plan Look.

If you prefer to have your en-suite totally integrate into the rest of your bedroom design, then the open plan look is the way to go. You don’t have to devote a lot of floor space to the en-suite if it is open with the rest of the room. For the best results, use the same floor and wall coverings, with only minimal splash back tiling. Therefore, this is not the look to go for if you like carpet and wallpaper in your bedroom.

Slimline Suites.

If you are stuck for space, select a slim looking bathroom suite that means you will not have to be constantly squeezing past it. Orientate your toilet so that the bowl faces the longest dimension you have. Toilets and hand wash basins that have a 90 degree back to them area good idea, so that you can situate them in a corner. Remember that basins do not need to be large if you only plan on using them once in a while.

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Create the illusion of more space by installing mirrors. One large mirror is usually best, depending on the shape of the space you have to work in, but two set a t 90 degrees to one another will do as well. Install a mirror on the largest wall, at eye level height. If possible, fit a mirror that reaches close to the ceiling. By installing a light fitting behind your mirror it is possible to make it seem a bit larger than it actually is.

Compact Baths.

If you have just enough room for a bathtub in your en-suite, then save some floor space by installing a compact one. P-shaped and corner baths are a good idea if you don’t have space for a regular length one. They are often more comfortable to sit in than one that is simply short. Japanese style tubs take up little room, but have the benefit of being deeper, so consider that before you commit to a new layout for your en-suite.

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