Dare to Have an Orange Bathroom

I don’t know why most people decorate their bathrooms in white (OK it shows cleanliness, I get it) or pale blue or pale green. I guess that suggests a marine theme that links the bathroom design to the water you use in it for cleaning. Any way, I am so bored with these colours and so tired of ordinary and predictable home designs, that I dared hunt for interesting and colourful ideas for arranging an out of the ordinary bathroom. So I thought: Dare to have an orange bathroom!.

And after some research and after talking to several opinions and suggestions and after some major web search I realized the best combination for a good taste orange bathroom is to combine orange with white. For example you can keep the white walls and floor, but add an orange bathtub or sink, some orange decorations, an orange shower curtain and bathroom rug, etc.

Or you can try to combine orange with black if you are a bit dark and more daring. It is interesting and shows sophistication and style. Though it is a bit harder to digest and recommended for younger people. And since we are talking about an interesting choice of colours for the bathroom why don’t we go a bit further and choose some very modern and nice orange vanities, like this Onda set from Bandini? It is interesting and looks great, shows personality and style and modernism.

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In conclusion, no matter what combination of colours and shapes you choose, how orange you want your bathroom to be just remember one thing: keep it simple and use only one or maximum two colours combined with orange and do not abuse decorations because too much is too much and you can get the opposite effect.



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