Damasco Shower Curtain

Back in the ancient times and also in the modern times Damascus fabric has been well-known for its high quality and for the amazing design. It has been carefully and skillfully hand crafted by very talented craftsmen who inherited this knowledge from generation to generation. Damascus cloth is famous for its refinement and also for the rich texture and big nice flowery design. Well, people today are a lot more practical, but they still love beautiful things and they know to appreciate fine art. So that they tried to combine the two and they obtained something like this Damasco Shower Curtain.

It reminds you of the ancient Damasco curtains that used to embellish the rooms of princes and kings, but it comes with a strong dose of realism and pragmatism:it is made of vinyl. That can be explained by the fact that it is meant to be used in the bathroom, for separating the bathtub from the rest of the bathroom. So it’s a good thing it is made of plastic, as this makes her water proof and is also very easy to clean and dry. However, the design is spectacular and you will enjoy it. The item is now available on Zara Home for £17.99.

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