Creating a Stylish Taupe Bathroom Decor

Once a bathroom is designed and finished, it’s kind of like setting it in stone. Changing a bathroom isn’t simple or cheap. So it’s important that if you’re starting from scratch in your bathroom remodel, you definitely want to lean on the neutral side of decor. While you might tend towards light colors, taupe is a shade really worth considering. Definitely neutral, it allows for both gray and beige decor to match perfectly which gives you options when you’re feeling the need to redecorate. Also, the deeper shade will make your bathroom seem more spa-like, always a win for the rooms we use daily. Take a look at these 10 tips for creating a stylish taupe bathroom.

Starting at the base layer, painting your bathroom taupe can have a lovely effect on the space. Whether it’s modern in style or rustic, it will show off bright whites and deep blacks with equal flair.

When you’re aiming for a spa-like bathroom, considering texture is very important. Rather than flat paint, cover your walls in a textured wallpaper. Taupe is the perfect neutral and can be found in lovely textures.

Speaking of wallpaper, we all know that patterned wallpaper in the bathroom is a hot topic these days. Find yourself a minimal taupe pattern like this to give just a hint of glamor and style. Nobody else would probably choose it.

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Let’s talk about tile. How do you choose when you’re searching for taupe? Instead of one shade, find a marble tile with brown swirls instead of gray. Against your other taupe accents, your bathroom will look so sophisticated.

If marble isn’t in your bathroom budget, no worries. There are plenty of other kinds of tile that have nice variations of taupe, gray and beige. Then no matter what other colors you put in your bathroom, your tile will always match.

For the minimal bathroom feel, it’s easiest to design your surfaces in one color. Taupe paint for the walls, taupe tile for the shower and something taupe for the floor. While you might think it will be boring, the texture variations will keep things alive.

So you already chose your paint and tile but now you love taupe. What next? A taupe vanity obviously. Find some smooth brushed knobs and pulls in a matching metal to give your vanity a clean look.

Taupe vanity against taupe backsplash? It’s a taupe miracle. Especially when the rest of your bathroom is all brighter shades, your vanity will feel like a warm hug when you wake up in the morning.{found on kylieminteriors}.

Taupe doesn’t have to be painted or tiled. Some vanities come in a shade of wood that’s as taupe as you can get. For the rustic home, this is the perfect way to balance the cozy rustic life and city sophistication.

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When the rest of your bathroom is taupe, don’t forget about the other essentials that bring luxury and comfort. Towels and curtains are both a good way to add just a little more taupe to the bathroom in a cozy way.



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