Cool Washbasin Designs Worthy Of Any Modern Bathroom

The washbasin is an integral part of the bathroom. It’s a must-have no matter how big or small the bathroom is and regardless of the style of its design, its layout or its palette of colors and materials. Whether it’s a washbasin, a classical sink or a bowl sink that you prefer, the goal is always the same: to find a design that looks great in the context of the bathroom and that satisfies your most important needs, whatever these may be. Have a look at some of these intriguing designs that we selected and see if any of them would do the trick.

In case you’re planning to make the washbasin a focal point for your bathroom, Glass Design has some very cool designs to choose from. Models like the Ice Oval, Ramada or Arabesque are luxurious and sophisticated in exquisite ways. Each stands out through form, color and finish and all the little elements that make them special contribute to an overall unique look.

A lack of decorative elements can also be a good strategy for making a sink or a washbasin look beautiful. The Solidea sink designed by Carlo Colombo is such an example. Its design features a rectangular base and rounded edges which are gradually shaped into an oval.

The Cristallo collection attempts to bring luxury and sophistication into the bathroom by introducing a series of crystal furniture pieces and accessories. This is a very special kind of glamour and it takes a certain type of setting to make these elements look at home.

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This is the same washbasin as the one that complements the Linea Bombata series. It’s very simple, with a smooth round shape and a delicate allure. It’s graceful in a cute way and that makes it highly versatile. You can pair it with a lot of different vanities and a lot of different materials and forms. It will always keep its charm.

Both the Livia washbasin and the UV/ Lavabo from eto ceramiche express beauty is a very simplified and pure way. Their designs are minimalist but not without substance. It’s the type of minimalism that fits perfectly in a modern or a contemporary bathroom.

A lot of the minimalist washbasins that catch our eye are special through their form. In other words, they’re shaped in a sleek and interesting ways and that’s enough to make them stand out. Anything else would be a surplus. Check out these gorgeous basins from Ceramica Flaminia. Aren’t they chic?

Featuring an eclectic design where classic meets modern, this stone washbasin from Cipi can potentially look right at home in a zen bathroom or a spa-like decor but also in a more rustic and even industrial-inspired setting.

The Roll Monoroll washbasin has a rather unusual design. It seems to coil around itself, resulting in an asymmetrical form, like a little spiral. No worries though, there are no leaks. It’s all aesthetic. You can get this washbasin in three colors and white is not one of them.

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We once again return to the idea of minimalism to show you this lovely washbasin from casabath. It doesn’t strike the eye with its form, size or color yet it has something that makes it very appealing. If you want you can pair it with a sleek faucet and that can be the focal point.

This sink collection by Domiziani is full of color. Each piece features a unique combination of colors and each design is artistic, a term not usually used when describing the bathroom sink. It’s one of the things that make this series extremely special. That being said, if you plan on adding some color to your bathroom or using the sink as a focal point for the room, this is definitely one of the best inspiration sources for you.

These washbasins from Dianflex play with color as well but in a different way. Better said, they play with contrasts. Each sink is designed in a base color and has a simple and smooth shape and each of them has a dot at the center in a different color. There are 12 different colors to choose from and a lot more possible combinations.



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