Contrasting Wanders Collection by Bisazza

If you take a walk to through the beautiful city of Iasi, Romania some of the old buildings will fascinate you with their architecture and special embroideries used for the embellishment of these great buildings. The Palace of Culture, The Traian Hotel and The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University are just some examples for these monumental buildings. Although they were reconditioned and restored there were kept the old and basic architectural exterior design as a connection to the past and tradition.

The embroideries used for these buildings reminded me of the contrasting Wanders Collection by Bisazza which is also a mix of bathroom styles that will amaze you with their elegance and contrast. There are used modern antique bathroom vanities, consoles, mirrors and accessories in the most elegant combination of nuances, black and white.

The modern washbasins are from the Soap Bath Series and they take the shape of a pebble or a bar soap. The vanities, consoles or mirrors from the New Antique Collection seem to contrast them but if you prefer a more contemporary design you may choose a mirror or a console from the Architectural Series.

It all depends on your tastes, preferences and needs. Regardless your choices are, imagine the elegant space that you will get and the luxury atmosphere that you will create.

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