Contemporary bathroom vanities from Dreamline

It might seem unimportant or of very little importance to choose carefully the vanity for your bathroom, but it is a part of the overall appearance of your home and if you have a modern looking house you will want your bathroom to look the same, too.

Today I discovered some very nice looking vanities manufactured by Dreamline and sold at and I simply fell in love with the design. Everything is so simple, yet full of taste and you have the chance to choose between a single vanity and a double one, to choose the sink made of transparent material or not, to choose the color and shape and everything on your taste.

The model in the picture above also offers two drawers where you can deposit certain things you might need in the bathroom, both beautifully colored in a natural shade of brown that is perfectly matching the color of the walls.

But my favorites are these two single bathroom vanities that have a modern shape and are perfect for the bathroom of a modern person who loves comfort and style. The black wood shows elegance and class and the shape refinement and art. Simple wonderful.


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