Concrete Bathroom Sinks That Make A Strong Statement Without Any Fuss

Concrete fixtures are very popular in modern interior design because they define this style so well. Concrete bathroom sinks are particularly trendy these days. They’re simple but they make a strong statement so if you’re looking for a way to add some style to your bathroom, try one of these designs It will give you the look you want without any fuss.

Try an asymmetrical design with a bathroom vanity like this one. Mounted on the wall at one end and supported by a robust block on the other, this piece has a lot of charm hidden in this minimalist design.

In a small bathroom, use simple lines and keep the décor simple. This concrete countertop sink is wonderfully complemented by the parallel shelf underneath.

Concrete fixtures are appreciated for their rough yet sophisticated look so you can also use texture in your design. Try organic-edge bathroom sinks for a more authentic look.

Use concrete in your bathroom if you prefer an industrial-looking design. Keep things simple and focus on the basics.

This can also provide you with some inspiration for the color palette. Love the gray in this kitchen and the massive concrete countertop with that sleek sink.

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Concrete is a rough material but also one that’s easy to work with. It can help you get the elegant look you desire and it’s adaptable to many styles.

This is a bathroom with custom-made tub and vanity. They’re both high-end fixtures made of concrete and they fit perfectly in the bright and sharp décor.

A perfect design for this tiny bathroom. The concrete vanity goes from wall to wall and the whole room has a cohesive and very straight-forward look.{found on site}.

Wall-mounted faucets are the best option in the case of concrete vanities and bathroom sinks in general. They make cleaning a breeze and they’re also more practical.

The rough finish on the vanity is intentional in the case of this shabby chic bathroom. It’s a casual look which makes the space feel playful.{found on mechantdesign}.

Combine concrete fixtures with a white décor to get a clean and fresh look. A combination that works best with minimalist interiors.

Add a gorgeous accessory to balance out the décor in your bathroom. A framed mirror would be an excellent choice.

A concrete sink with a delicate shape sits on top of a wooden wall-mounted shelf. A very beautiful pairing which gives the room a homey feel.

The wood and concrete combo is excellent for any space. The wood adds warmth to the décor and takes away from the roughness of the concrete.

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Another interesting combination is that between concrete and stone. In this case, a rough, unfinished look should be embraced.

A mix of industrial and rustic elements in a bathroom decorated with a variety of materials and finishes.{found on miss-design}.

You simply have to love the texture on this concrete sink and the wooden piece on which it rests. The wall also feature a similar texture.

Although the overall décor in this bathroom is farmhouse-inspired, the sink has a more modern look. Still, the choice of materials blends everything together nicely.



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