Comfortable upholstered bathtub

Every now and then everyone feels the need to relax. And when there’s no other possibility, we choose to take a long and relaxing bath. This helps us release the stress, relax our muscles and enjoy an activity that was meant to be intimate and personal. In order to increase the comfort, Italian designer Anika Elisabetta Luceri has created a very ingenious and surprisingly cozy bathtub.

This particular bathtub features simple lines, soft edges and an unusual upholstered finish. This makes the bathtub look more comfortable and unusually inviting. With a bathtub like this one it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to enjoy many relaxing moments in there. It comes in white and it features an elegant and sophisticated design, even though the design itself is rather simple. It looks sophisticated mainly because the bathtub itself has a more unconventional design, featuring two round edges instead of the usual straight lines. It’s a small detail but it makes a difference.

The beauty of this bathtub is that it’s extremely versatile. The upholstered finish allows it to be successfully included in any kind of bathroom. In a minimalist décor it would make a nice accent and it a more sophisticated one it would naturally blend in. It’s a rare example of simple but yet luxurious pieces that often inspire elegance, more than those overdecorated designs that are supposed to be luxurious but are rather kitschy.

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