Colorful Laquer Hooks from West Elm

If you have an eye for nice things and for unusual design, then you will surely make your house look amazing with little effort. But now it’s also important to make it look nice and happy with little money , too. People are willing to spend all their money on clothes and food and trips to exotic countries, but very few are willing to spend on design and decorations. So why don’t we have what we want with little money? This is what they all think

Well, little things that show good taste are the secret to arranging a special and original place. Let’s take coat hooks for example. They are supposed to be unnoticed and considered trifles, things you can do without and also things you wouldn’t spend a fortune on. But if you choose to purchase a nice looking colorful hook that is all shiny that will give a hint of your personality to the room, you will realize that simple things make great results.

It is made especially for the bathroom, as it is meant as a support for robes and towels. Its material is medium density fiberboard and then it has a glossy laquer finish. If you place this colorful hook in the middle of an immaculate wall it will look great and will only cost you $8. How about that?{available here}

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