Colored bathtubs

Bathrooms are considered functional rooms that can be found in the house because they serve a well defined purpose, but we do not spend so much time there. So they normally are as simple and functional as possible, usually white, but there can be variations in colors, too, depending on taste. But I think, as do many other people, that we should do everything we can to make this room also look very nice so as to feel comfortable and delighted when you are there. And , if you like simple things but want to bring a touch of color in your bathroom you can simply purchase a colored bathtub and pair it with matching sets of towels and you won’t need anything else more spectacular.

Or you can use these colored bathtubs to complete the whole theme design you chose for your bathroom. For example you can get a great effect by using a dark blue bathtub in a bathroom whose walls are painted in light blue , with a nice striped pattern in white and blue and a similar  pattern on the towel. You can admire it in the picture below, but you can use your imagination to make it look exactly the way you want.

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Or maybe you have a more vivid personality and want to express it by painting the walls in the bathroom with a yellow and white chequered pattern, completed by a very yellow bathtub.

Sweet combination of pink and purple are perfect for ladies bathrooms and they don’t even have to be made of porcelain, as you can find some very nice and pretty bathtubs made of a thick synthetic material like a resistant plastic or something similar. For example this pink bathtub is shaped like a flower and designed by Yves Pertosa and it can be ordered with a smaller similar sink and you can add a flower shaped mirror and the effect is guaranteed.

For a stronger , more sensual effect you can combine the black shiny bathtub with dark red walls and black curtains.



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