Choosing The Right Faucet For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Although not both considered to be private spaces in a home, the kitchen and the bathroom are two areas that best define your style, that let you express your character and emotions through design. That’s because they include so many little details like the faucet for example. The right faucet is always different for each of us and finding it can be a piece of cake or a real challenge.

Stylish options for the kitchen.

A wall-mounted kitchen faucet is a practical option. You free up space on the counter and the sink can be placed closer to the wall. You can adjust the height at which you place the faucet and make it as practical as it can be.

Sprayer faucets.

Sprayer kitchen faucets are highly functional. They make cleanup quick and easy and give you a lot more flexibility. Food prep is also easier. As for the design, they’re not particularly chic or glamorous but they look professional.

Built into the countertop.

Some sinks come with a special mounting place for the faucet but those that don’t give you the freedom of choosing exactly where to place the faucet. If you decide to make it a part of the countertop, then you’ll get a clean and simple look.

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Bathroom faucet options.

A waterfall bathroom faucet basically creates what its name suggests: a waterfall. The water ends up in the washbasin like always but it’s the way it gets there that’s interesting. A great way to have a water feature in your bathroom without even trying.


Both kitchen and bathroom faucets can be wall-mounted and in both cases it’s a practical options. You get to decide the exact height and spot where you install the faucet, the sink or washbasin remain clean and simple and it’s also an interesting design.


If you want a bathroom faucet that stands out then get a temperature-sensitive one. The water changes color depending on the temperature. Some designers also created smart faucets like this one which can recognizes your face and turn on to your favorite water temperature.


If you’d rather keep things simple and classical, choose a traditional style for the bathroom faucet. This, of course, doesn’t stop you from choosing a design and a shape that you find interesting. Some are simpler, some more ornate. Choose the one that best suits you.



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