Choosing the right bathtub for a small bathroom

The bathroom is one of those spaces where you want everything to be organized, clean and airy. It’s not that easy to achieve that when you have very little space to begin with. In such cases, you have to know how to use the space you have available, how to maximize it and how to cleverly decorate it. One way of saving a considerable amount of space is to opt for a small bathtub.

Narrow bathroom with a small tub placed near the windows

A small bathtub is not the ideal choice but it’s something you should take into consideration when designing the bathroom. Small bathtubs present a number of advantages but you also have to know how to choose them in order to benefit from what they have to offer. We are going to present a few models and styles worth taking into consideration. The usual Western bathtub with a traditional oblong style would be a simple and popular choice but one that wouldn’t allow you to use the space very efficiently. A slightly different type that has become increasingly popular is the Japanese soaking tub. It’s slightly shorter than the Western tub it’s also cheaper and comes in more than one shape.

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Compact, square-shaped bathroom with a tub that doubles as a shower unitSmall bathroom with a tiny bathtub and adjacent shower unit
Tiny bathroom with a small tub lifted off the groundTraditional bathroom featuring a small tub, wooden floors and a comfy armchairModern bathroom featuring a tiny white tub and compact shower unitSmall and narrow bathroom with a very small and elegant tub that doubles as a sower unitContemporary bathroom with small tub and transparent shower

Then there’s also the Japanese upright tub. It’s often used in old-fashioned Japanese homes. It’s a tub that stands upright and causes the person taking a bath to stay in very deep water. It can be a very clever choice for small bathrooms and a model that allows you to save a lot of space. Another great option would be the seated bathtub. These tubs usually come with compact designs and occupy about half the space required by a traditional Western oblong tub. They also come in one seat and two seat versions.

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