Choosing the right bathroom sink

Choosing the right bathroom sink is not an easy task. Even if, apparently, they all look alike, there are some major differences that need to be taken into consideration. You might really like a certain model or design but your bathroom might not allow you to use it.

First you should consider the size of your bathroom. Also decide where the sink will go. If you have this possibility, you should allow as much space as possible around the sink. Make sure the sink won’t interfere with the rest of your bathroom furniture. You should know that most basins protrude 50 cm from the wall but there are also models with a projection of 40 cm.

There are several styles you should know about. Pedestal sinks are perfect when you wish to conceal the pipes and drains. Wall-hung sinks create an airy look and are suitable for small bathrooms. They allow you to use the space underneath for storage. Bowl basins are modern and stylish but you should be extra careful when choosing the depth. Bathroom countertops are also an interesting choice as they create plenty of space around the sink for toiletries. Vanity units are wonderful for storage and console sinks with legs are also practical.

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The material is also important. There are several options here as well. Ceramic sinks are the most common and popular. They are low-cost, durable and easy to clean. However, if you want something special you should consider other options. For example, glass sinks are very beautiful and they have a contemporary look. Still, they are difficult to keep clean and they are prone to chipping. Another option is natural stone. This will create a spa-like feel. However, the cost might not be what you wanted. Stainless steel sinks are popular in kitchens but they can be used in the bathroom as well. They have an industrial look and they are hardwearing and durable. Wood sinks are an innovative new option but they are also the most expensive type. They are great as statement pieces.



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