Cersaie 2017 Shows Innovations for Every Dream Bathroom

The world’s largest show dedicated to bathrooms — the most personal space in your home — took place in Bologna, Italy. CERSAIE 2017 presented the most innovative products and latest bathroom trends from around 800 exhibitors. Companies presented everything from ceramic tiles, wall-covering products, bathroom furnishings , fireplaces and more. Homedit was there, picking out the best of the latest bathroom innovations to inspire and fuel your renovations.

Baden Haus Bathroom furniture - LED light mirrors

Feel good Cipi Bathroom Furniture

Domiziani flower wash basin

Bianchini and Capponi Crystal Bathroom Washbasin

Like a regal bowl on a stunning marble table, this crystal basin from Bianchini and Capponi is the ultimate in luxurious bathroom sinks. The company’s “Cristallo” collection features the sparkling vessel resting atop a vanity that is an embellished Art Deco style mirrored table. The Long legs of the base are elegant and looks nothing like the typical bathroom vanity.

Bianchini and Capponi has been manufacturing luxury bathroom collections since 1971 in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Modular and dramatic, this bathroom is part of the Retro Collection from New York Designer Toni Sabatino. Presented by Badenhaus as the “perfect bond between European know-how and American Pop culture,” the pieces offer full functionality with plenty of style. The modular vanity sections have ample storage space behind very attractive doors and drawers, along with plenty of counter space. Colorfully backlit mirrors with a modern shape are just as much art as they are basic bathroom mirror.

Badenhaus has been producing innovative products since 1979.

Most people know that it’s not a good idea to put real artwork in the humid environment of a bathroom, but when the art is actually a glass mosaic, there is no better place for it. Custom mosaic murals from Poland’s Glasspoint Krzemen are stunning creations that transform a boring or basic wall into a stunning focal point. While the company offers ready-made mosaic patterns, they can also transform a photograph into a pixel-perfect rendition of a customer’s image.

Abstracts, landscapes, animals portraits and more are options for a stunning mosaic wall.The colored class mosaic tiles are places with the precision of pixels in a digital photograph.

The focal point of any bathroom is the tub and a glass tub might be one of the most sophisticated and luxurious options. Glasspoint Krzemen also designs and creates magnificent glass tubs that are very durable as well as beautiful. The glass has a textured look that is more comforting to the user than an entirely see-through tub might be. Glass tubs can also lend a feeling of extra space to a bathroom. Just as with their mosaics, the company can produce custom glass tubs to grace your dream bathroom. In addition, glass tubs go well with just about any bathroom color scheme that you might want. And because Glasspoint also produces tiles, you can develop a design that coordinates the tub, a mosaic wall and other bathroom accessories.

An illuminated freestanding glass tub is a spectacular feature.Free-standing tubs are all the rage but a glass tub is another level of sophistication.

For a more natural feeling, spa-like bathroom, wood is an important element for the warmth and earthiness it lends. The Zen XL console from Cipi of Italy is crafted from reclaimed, hand-polished teak without the use of screws or nails. The free-standing console has four lateral bars to hang towels and features a large shelf. The Punch basin is made from gray limestone and sits atop the console. The inner drain cover and its lid are made from the same material. This is an organic look, perfect for a tranquil powder room or bathroom.

Natural materials help create a spa-like vibe.

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Cipi also showed this Thierry set, which is constructed from teak and has a semi-gloss finish. The furnishings have ample closed storage for organizing all the bathroom essentials. The tall tower unit has two doors and the large console has three cabinets and two soft-close drawers. The big pieces are paired with the Euro System Mensole, a shelving unit that has a central board that holds the shelves. It’s a modern style that fits with the natural feel. The Round mirror, which has a frame of chromed brass, injects a little metallic shin in the otherwise earthy style.

Round ceramic vessels on the console are the Trabochetto Macrame Round basin in a solid surface material

In a modern take on the old Hollywood style make-up vanity mirror, Cantoni has developed this stunning design that has LED lights inside the mirror. When you turn out the lights, what remains is a beautifully rated mirror without the clutter of bulbs on the wall all around it. The mirror uses the company’s I–light system built into the mirror. It fact, the company decamped the original make-up case on legs that has lighting in it.  The special bulbs are designed especially for makeup and provide lighting that is natural and does not throw shadows. Used by professionals, it is now available in this gorgeous design for home bathrooms.

This professional level lighting is perfect for those who want the most natural make-up application.

This cheerful basin is from Domiziani, an Italian company that has been creating durable glazed volcanic stone and lava sinks, tables and accessories for 30 years. From bold abstract designs to elegant floral designs, each piece is one of a kind, designed by Italian ceramic artist Maestro Roberto Domiziani. The finish is kiln-fired ceramic and this basin features a floral interior and a streaked, glazed exterior.

This type of basin works in traditional, contemporary and modern bathrooms.The combination of delicate florals and abstract glazing is extraordinary.

While wallpaper has been used in some parts of the bathroom, none is like the Wet System by Wall & Deco of Italy. The company has developed a wallpaper that has the same waterproof properties as liquid membranes., making it resistant to yellowing and durable enough to stand up to scrubbing with household cleaning agents. Innovative properties mean it can be used on a variety of surfaces — plasterboard, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles — and anywhere in the bathroom. This really opens up design possibilities and the company offers a wide variety of designs.

The Solstrale pattern by Eva Germani includes a tile pattern and solar motif.

Chiampo-based Pibamarmi presented spectacular modern marble bathroom designs for a tub, basin and steps. The lines of the DESCO collection are clean, allowing the stone to take center stage in these designs. The tub has an edgy feel, thanks to the slanted sides, level lip and unusual faucet structure,  The vanity is a free-standing pedestal with an off-center integrated basin. This allows for plenty of space behind the basin for necessities. Overall, it is a very edgy and minimalist design.

Amid a sea of modern tile innovations at Cersaie 2017, this geometric beauty from Cotto Etrusco put the focus on ancient techniques. Natural clay is hand-crafted in handmade wooden molds and then naturally air dried for 20 days. It is then fired for ten days in ancient wood-burning kilns. The timeworn procedure yields a wide range of shades in warm colors. Other shades are created with natural oxide applications, giving the tiles a contemporary design, highlighted by the subtle colors that allow the natural beauty of the clay to shine through.

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Ancient processes are used to create a very modern looking style of tile.

Natural stone is a marvelous material for today’s contemporary bathrooms and this design from Julia Marmi Quarries in Friulia. Crafted from Piasentina stone excavated from a quarry in a narrow strip of the Giulian Alps located near Cividale, Italy. Julia Marmi excavates the unique stone as large boulders from the three quarries it owns in the area. In the hands of  amazing craftspeople, the stone is transformed into current yet earthy tile designs, basins and vanities that are perfect for contemporary bathrooms.

A neutral palette adds warmth to a bathroom done entirely in rigid materials.

Nothing is more striking than a functional piece that is much art as fixture and Moloco from Kerasan’s Artisan Collection certainly fits the bill. This is a pedestal sink without compare, elevating the humble basin to a piece of stunning sculpture. While the company has been making bathroom fixtures for more than 50 years, in 2009 it began focusing on artisan pieces combined with technological innovations. The Moloco sink is available in a variety of finishes, including colored porcelain, natural matte styles and a textured metallic.

Little else is needed to create drama in the bathroom when this sink stands at the ready.

While it is not a new design, Patricia Urquiola’s 2008 Vieques tub, designed for Agape, is still very much au courant. The popularity of free-standing tubs is not waning and this contemporary version of an old-fashioned farm tub is still in demand. The steel tub has a versatile black and white color palette, with a white interior and white or dark grey exterior. A Japanese iroko style shelf and backrest add extra comfort to the deep soaking tub design. It’s a minimalist tub that is versatile enough to work in a wide variety of bathroom designs.

This durable tub is a siren call for a long and relaxing soak.

A newer design by Urquiola is the Lariana collection for Agape, which includes a bathtub and a range of basins. The collection has a very contemporary look, with off-center placements and modern hardware. According to the company, the name is a tribute to Lake Como, which in ages past was called Larius. Lake Como is also where the Urquiola-designed five-star hotel “Il Sereno” recently opened. The Lariana collection features round and oval washbasins that sit atop an angular base, creating a play of contrasts. The basin and stand are made of  Cristalplant® biobased or marble.

The basin is available in white and light gray.

Another highly sculptural bathroom option from Agape is the Bjhon 2 designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. First conceived in 1970 but produced only in 2011, the design is perfect for contemporary bathrooms because the drain is integrated into the sleek conical base. Shown here in the innovative Cristalplant® biobased material, it is also available in classic marble. Displayed with a tall free-standing tap, it could easily be paired with a wall-mounted faucet. This is a perfect design for a powder room where spaces at a premium because it does not sacrifice sophistication or style.

Minimalist fixtures like these are extremely versatile.

Cersaie 2017 was a hotbed of innovative introductions, with products to fit just about every style and taste. While it was difficulty to choose, we thought these were among the niftiest new designs. Whether you are renovating, undertaking new construction, or just dreaming, there is plenty of inspiration for your own bathroom design.. Stay tuned to Homedit for more genius bathroom products.



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