Ceramic Bathroom Furniture by Luca Cimarra

When you choose the objects for your house, you have to pay attention to all sorts of aspects and details, no matter it is the color of the walls, the pieces of furniture or the bathroom furniture set. Everything is important, from the most important objects, to the smallest details. Today we stop at the bathroom furniture set, which might seem less important, but it is not, on the contrary. We spend enough time in the bathroom and when you relax having a shower, the surrounding atmosphere may contribute to your general mood.

When every object is according to your wishes and in its place, everything is simple and you feel at your ease.The ceramic bathroom furniture set in the picture seems to provide everything you expect from a bathroom set. It is simple, white and elegant and everything provides high quality and good taste. It perfectly matches with the grey wall and floor, but it is the shape, the quality of the materials and the mixture of glass and ceramic that gives the elegant note of the bathroom.

Nothing compares to the feeling you have when you like what you see and when you enter a place with high-quality materials. It is as if it changes your mood, in a good way and this is the best part of it. Luca Cimarra designed the ceramic set in the picture; it is everything you might want from this kind of objects, under a known name, Viva Chrome.

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