Car Themed Bathroom for Your Boy

If you have kids and you love them then you know you would do anything for them, to please them and make them enjoy their time at home. So most of the times the parents think it’s a good idea to decorate the kids room and the kids bathroom for their boy or girl or for both just to see them happy when they play and bathe. I found some special items for a boy’s bathroom, all of them having prints of cars .

You don’t need to use so very many decorations, but only choose two or three and keep the rest of the bathroom in one colour , for example white or blue and it should be enough. A very nice idea is to use applied cars as the bathroom mat and also some nice and colourful shower curtains with car prints. Both items should better be made of cotton, even if it’s a bit pretentious in the bathroom because plastic or synthetic ones are very slippery and can cause accidents.

The shower curtain has a special buttonholed top for hanging and can now be purchased for $49. It is very nice and merry and can be washed in the washing machine. But I found the bathroom mats in the shape of cars to be the most interesting items. They are fun and colourful and they offer some soft support for the kids feet while in the bathroom, as opposites for the plastic mats that protect against water, but are not as comfortable as these.

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