Budget-friendly Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Decorating a space is always more difficult when that space is small simply because the possibilities are limited. A small bathroom, for example, greatly limits your choices when it comes to storage and design overall but, even so, you’re still left with plenty of options, lots of which are also budget-friendly.

For example, a lot of small bathrooms have a shower instead of a tub and you have the option of using clear glass for the shower space to emphasize the openness of the room and to make it feel more spacious overall.

Another ways in which you can do that is with large mirrors. You can have a big mirror above the sink and even give up the frame to blur out the lines and the shapes. The placement of the mirrors is also important so think twice before you pick a spot.

As far as storage goes, the possibilities are numerous. For example, you can opt for open shelves. They’re always practical and efficient especially in small spaces. You can mount them above the toilet or anywhere else there’s free space.

Vertical storage is also useful in small spaces. In the bathroom, you can use a vertical pull-out storage system for all your essentials including shampoo, lotions, etc. similarly, you can have a thin vertical niche with multiple levels for your towels.

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It’s important to use every inch of space if you want to make your tiny bathroom as space-efficient as possible. So don’t neglect the corners. Corner shelves are very practical. Build them by the tub or by the toilet.

You can recycle wooden boxes and turn them into wall-mounted box shelves for storing towels, bathroom essentials and even decorative items.

Or perhaps hanging baskets would be a better option in your case. You can get small baskets for your makeup products and store them above the sink. Or maybe you can find another use for them.

Bookshelves are a good option as well. Of course, we’re talking about the small and compact kind. A tall bookcase can become your main piece of furniture in the bathroom and the primary storage unit.



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