Bronze gold petals shower curtain by Kaniez Abdi

I think shower curtains are very useful whether you have a shower or a bathtub in your bathroom. Either way you splash water around when bathing and if you have a bathroom mat or a vanity or some bathroom shelves you will make them all wet and that’s annoying. Even if you wet only the tiles and the floor, you make it impossible for someone else to use the bathroom at the same time or immediately after unless you clean it carefully. So it’s a lot easier to just use a shower curtain. And once you have it, why not have a beautiful one, maybe a simple one, but having imaginative golden patterns applied on like these nice looking bronze gold paillettes?

This funny but delicate shower curtain is the proof that you can have a beautiful thing in your home, no matter so small and insignificant that is, that you can choose it so as to make the perfect atmosphere in your house. I know it’s only a shower curtain but it is really nice looking and you can change the entire look of your bathroom with this detail. It may be made of synthetic material, but the golden grommets sown together so as to form a flowery pattern have a great visual impact . You can now purchase it for $180.

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