Bring your Gadgets in the Shower

Do you know that awkward moment when you’re watching your favorite movie at TV and you have to go to have a shower because you’re late to a meeting? Well, I hate those moments. But, of course nowadays the designers found a solution even for this problem. Now, you can listen to your favorite music or watch a movie while you’re taking a shower.

Designed by Fei Chung Billy Ho, this project comes in help of those who can’t stay away from their gadgets even when they are taking a bath. With a stainless steel structure, OLED interactive glass paneling and display panels to synchronize with tablets and smart-phones, it would be the best invention in the IT industry.

And even if it’s extraordinary, that`s not all of it. For a more relaxing atmosphere, the shower comes with a designed water control stem that relies on illumination and see-through channels.And, it is also a very sure way for you because it has an anti-bacterial cypress wood base with surrounding drainage systems that disposes bacteria, funguses and viruses. So, it is also healthy not only fancy.

Imagine how it will look in your stylish and luxurious house. The perfect piece for the gadget lovers and not only, the Smart Media Shower will save you some time and will make you have a nice time when you want to relax for a long bath. Just put your favorite music or your favorite movie and enjoy. Like couldn`t get better than that.

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