Bow Bins by Cordula Kehrer

I don’t particularly like plastic bins even if I use them for storing the laundry before I wash it. That is because I prefer natural materials and rattan or wicker are my favourite. However, plastic does have its advantages as it is cheap and easy to use, it is also lightweight and does not alter in moist like natural fibers do. But if you are my kind of person and want to keep a balance between the two materials you can get a compromise and use these wonderful Bow bins created by designer Cordula Kehrer.

Actually these are waste bins that are made of both plastic and rattan, being the perfect way of recycling and also using the old tradition of rattan work belonging to the Aeta people in the Philippines. Half of the bin is the original plastic one while the other half is perfectly interwoven with the natural rattan fibers.

It is an interesting though unusual combination but the final result is worth the effort: you can enjoy an original piece of craftsmanship and a way of recycling, all these combined in an inexpensive basket you can use for many things. You can purchase one such basket in different colours and models for about $36 each.

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