Black Showers by Glass Idromassaggio

Glass shower come in a virtually endless variety of design possibilities. And the only conceivable limitations would be the budget, the imagination and finally the skill level of the interior glazers commissioned for a project.The shower by Glass Idromassaggio is the latest design spotted, it`s a modern shower and the color is awesome. Designed for corner installation it`s useful for small bathrooms. The shower cabin does not extend to the floor, but it has a small bathtub, too and it is suspended. you can use it for small children to sit in or maybe for your feet to have a water massage.


The door to the shower cabin is made of glass and totally transparent and it looks very well against the black tiles behind it. This wall covered with black tiles belongs to the cabin, too and it comes applied on the bathroom wall that can be differently colored and designed. So the black shower cabin is an independent entity that gets installed in your bathroom in not time. The bathtub is white and again the contrast between the white of the tub and the black of the tiles is amazing. The materials used are totally water proof and water resistant and very good quality.

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