Before And After Small Bathroom Makeovers Big On Style

A small bathroom doesn’t offer a lot of space to work with and it takes a while before you finally find the right design and layout. It takes at least one makeover to get it right. But instead of learning from your own mistakes, how about you find inspiration in other people’s work? These small bathroom makeover ideas are just the right thing to start with.

Ibabe’s small bathroom makeover.

A tiny bathroom with an awkward layout became a bright and very welcoming space. The white, square tiles were replaced with something less plain and traditional and the new furniture and fixtures are super chic and elegant. {found on designsponge}.

Before and after bright guest bathroom makeover.

This wasn’t an ugly bathroom to start with, although the wallpaper wasn’t exactly a great choice. The room had an old, outdated look, especially with that shell toilet seat. After the makeover, it became a much brighter and open space. The gray on the walls, the open shelf and the cozy white chair work great together.{found on thistlewoodfarm}.

Bathroom wall makeover!

A small master bathroom can really be problematic but planning a makeover also gives you the opportunity to focus more on the details, like finding the right sink design or adding warmth to the room with a driftwood mirror. {found on hgtv}.

Downstairs bathroom makeover.

In a small downstairs bathroom, less is more so, if you get the chance, get rid of any bulky furniture and accessories and simplify the whole décor. Get a pedestal sink and replace the cabinets with rods, shelves or the occasional towel ring.{found on tenillegates}.

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Little downstairs powder room makeover.

A powder room can’t really get any smaller than this. Well, this is actually a half bath and it used to look pretty boring and plain. But a fresh coat of paint in a light blue shade and a new round mirror hanging above the sleek pedestal sink solved the problem. That tiny little shelf above the toilet is just gorgeous.{found on tart-house}.

Guest Bathroom-Transformation.

You have to be clever if you want to include storage spaces in a small bathroom. This guest bath got a complete makeover: new cabinets, a new mirror and new flooring. The color palette stayed pretty much the same. The brown and beige give the room a pleasant feel. We like the use of the space under the two sinks and the framed wall art. {found on tothemoonandback143}.

Bathroom ensuite makeover.

You also need to be careful when choosing the bathtub for a small bathroom.This one used to have a corner tub which occupied a lot more space than it should have. It got replaced with a beautiful freestanding tub. The shower was encased in glass and the whole room became a lot brighter thanks to the all-white makeover.{found on livingbeautifullydiy}.

Unbelievable bathroom transformation.

You can visually enlarge a small bathroom using color.The green tiles, the dark wood and the wallpaper didn’t really do this bathroom justice. The white, black and yellow combination is a lot more stylish and the bathroom actually looks more spacious this way.{found on curbly}.

Ikea Hack.

Try to make the bathroom feel homey by using the right accessories and accent details. For example, the plants really enhance the décor of this small bath and the wall décor is also gorgeous.{found on shiftctrlart}.

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Small bathroom featuring pocket door.

Since the space is small to begin with, a simple approach can be a wonderful idea. Stay simple and classical with a black and white palette and don’t overdo it with the decorative accents.{found on thisdustyhouse}.

Black decor after renovation.

When planning a makeover, you have to be able to see the potential in a room. For example, this small bathroom looks absolutely stunning. The walls were painted black and the framed wall art really pops this way.{found on dosmallishthings}.

Renovation using paing.

If you really want to make a change, you should pick a color palette that’s different from the one your bathroom used to have. It doesn’t have to be at the opposite pole. Take this bath for example. It went from a room with wood and beige accents to one with breezy blue features.{found on bowerpowerblog}.

Pattern small bathroom renovation.

A nice idea can also be to add some pattern to the room. This tiny bathroom got new floor tiles in a variety of patterns, all featuring the black and white combo. The washbasin also boost an interesting deign.{found on designsponge}.

Beautiful bathroom makeover.

You should consider replacing the tub in your small bathroom with a shower. This way you can opt for a glass wall to separate the spaces and the whole room will look a lot more spacious.{found on designsponge}.



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