Before and after bathroom makeover

After moving into their new home in Michigan, the new homeowners had to face the challenges. The kitchen and the bathroom definitely needed a renovation so they’ve decided to focus on those spaces. Today we’re going to take a look at the bathroom and see the way it looked like before and then the way it turned out.

The new owners moved in in February 2011 and they’ve managed to finish the kitchen and the bathroom in March. I would say they were fast, considering the makeover they’ve come up with by themselves. Actually, the bathroom was done in about a week. They had some inspiration from a blog that had a bedroom with the same color. It might seem like a well-thought plan, but as the owners declare themselves, they didn’t get to do much planning.

They wanted to maintain a quasi-historical look but also make their presence visible by adding their own touch. They took a chance with the black paint but it turned out to be an inspired choice. The hardest part was not painting or redecorating the room but taring it down and preparing it for the makeover. That’s because of its small size. Another difficult part was finding pieces that would fit in there and try to mix and match them. It wasn’t easy but the results are satisfying and the owners are happy with their new bathroom.{found on apartmenttherapy}

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