Beautiful White Framed Neal Mirror

I have a small bathroom, so I love arranging it only in white: it gives a sensation of space and it is airy and nice. Even the bathroom furniture is white and so are the walls and all the other accessories like the mirror. This Beautiful White Framed Neal Mirror is perfect for my bathroom and for any bathroom, as it is elegant and classy, simple in design and yet so nice. The classic design brings the rectangular wooden frame that is painted in white and also the beautiful gridwork design. The mirror can be considered both contemporary and classic, that is why it matches any kind of bathroom, no matter what its design looks like.

This mirror has an outer grid that frames the interior rectangular mirror perfectly, leaving some space on the side and leaving the wall colour come through the grid parts, which can be great in case the wall is painted in any other colour than white. The dimensions of the mirror make it perfect for any bathroom wall and the nice design make it an asset for your home. The item needs assembling and mounting and can be purchased for $80 from Cuddle down.

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