Beautiful Pink Bathroom Ideas for Valentine’s Day by Laufen

February is the month that is marked by Valentine’s Day holiday. it is a special day when everybody intends to manifest their affection. Each person thinks of someone that they love and how they can declare or show their love feelings to that person. They think of original, brilliant ways of doing such things.

Laufen has an idea for such a special day. He proposes you a Pink Bathroom. You can wait your life partner to come from work and propose him or her a relaxing bath. You ca take advantage of the special pink décor that is perfect for this day. The designer proposes the pink and white combinations of colors that create a joyful atmosphere.

Everything is pink or a combination of pink and white: the sink, the curtain, the closet, even the walls. You can think of some romantic candles and nice scented oils and the romantic atmosphere is perfect.


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