Beautiful And Inspiring Bathroom Decor Ideas From Instagram

Decorating the bathroom may not be the most enjoyable task a lot of times but it is very satisfying to see the results. First, however you need to get an idea of how you want the space to look like and type of ambiance you want to create. There are plenty of inspiring ideas you can find online and we actually gathered a few so we can share them with you today. Below you can find some of our favorite bathroom decors from Instagram.

This bathroom is very clean and simple but at the same time it looks very welcoming. The combination of white tiles and wood furniture is a very pleasant one to look at and the glass walk-in shower really brightens up the space. This is a design shared by @northernestates.

Black is not a popular interior design color but it can look very elegant and beautiful in certain contexts. For example, this bathroom shared by @suszi_saunders features black walls complemented by patterned floor tiles and vintage furnishings and fixtures.

This attic bathroom has a very breezy and airy decor. Its floor is covered in hexagonal black tiles, the walls are white and clear glass shower dividers. There are also elegant golden details spread throughout the space which completes the decor in a very stylish way. This bathroom decor was shared by @mmlighting.

Black and white always look beautiful when put together and the combo can make the bathroom look really elegant and timeless. This bathroom also has a bit of a retro vibe to it. The chandelier is a lovely focal point and there’s also greenery which really changes the whole ambiance in the room. Follow @kmanningcoach for more details and other great ideas.

The black and white paired with little golden accents and wooden details look amazing in this guest bathroom decor shared by @arazilevinedesign. There’s also a marble countertop and a matching backsplash and the geometric pattern created by the floor tiles further adds character to the space.

A randomized floor tile pattern can also look quite cool in a bathroom. It’s a way to create an interesting focal point and it’s a nice design idea for a small bathroom. It blends well with simple white walls and furnishings, as exemplified in this design shared by poulsommiddlehurst.

A barn door is a really cool feature for a bathroom and a great way to give it a farmhouse-inspired look that feels extra inviting and cozy. This small bathroom shared by @goldenfoxcottage makes the most of this door’s charm and beauty. There are also white subway tiles on the lower portion of the walls and a very cool tile pattern on the floor.

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Check out this galvanized metal shower idea shared by @hunkerhome. It definitely gives the entire bathroom a rustic look and it’s complemented by wooden flooring a nice circular curtain that wraps around the shower. The floor also has a weathered finish that looks nice as well in this particular context.

There’s definitely a theme to this colorful bathroom decor shared by @hunkerhome and it looks peachy, quite literally. The shower curtain, the mat and the wall decorations all match while everything else around them in clean and simple, following a modern aesthetic.

This is another example of a very beautiful bathroom decor with a rustic theme. The wooden shutters are a really cool details in this case. They act as decorations and they add texture and color to the room. The chandelier is another beautiful focal point and it adds an elegant touch to the entire space. Follow @careyscountrygarden for more interesting ideas.

This is such an amazing-looking bathroom decor. There are wood logs suspended from the ceiling and three beautiful washbasins that looks like they’ve been carved out of stone. These elements are placed within a very clean and contemporary-looking space and the lighting in here is very cleverly integrated as well. Check out this post from @westwingnl for more details and inspiration.

Here’s another extremely beautiful bathroom interior, this time shared by @comparethetradie. There’s a skylight which brings in natural light from above and a subdued yet powerful palette of colors centered around grey and beige tones. The metal and glass shower divider become a design feature and details such as the ladder towel holder, hanging pendant lamp and all the fixtures further contribute to create a very organic and harmonious design.

This stylish bathroom has a very interesting accent wall. It’s decorated with dark blue subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, with matching blue grout. It stands out, especially since the rest of the room is white and covered in large tiles with elegant gray marble veins on them. All the little brass accents go really well with the blue as well. Follow ancorarenovate for more details.

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The simplicity of this bathroom decor is very refreshing. Of course, this is a very spacious bathroom which definitely helps to create an airy and sophisticated look throughout. The freestanding tub is the centerpiece, surrounded by marble surfaces and with an eye-catching chandelier centered above it. This design was shared by

There are lots of different ways to give a bathroom a warm and inviting decor. The colors, materials and finishes used and the lighting are all important. This particular bathroom interior is a good example in all regards. It makes use of marble, wood, golden accents and it also has an oversized mirror which makes it feel extra spacious. Follow @savvy.elements for more ideas.

There are also quite a few special of plants that thrive in humid and dark environments and you can bring them into the bathroom as a way to create a fresh and vibrant decor. It would be nice if the room had skylights or at least a window for a bit of natural light. We love how this design shared by @hippie.tribe turned out.

Needless to say, a bathroom with a view is absolutely amazing and this is a perfect example. The oval freestanding tub strategically centered in front of the panoramic window, taking over this entire section of the bathroom. The decor as a whole is simple but not without character and the floor tile pattern and the sliding door are beautiful details. Follow @luna_groupatare for more details and ideas.

How about this lovely pink clawfoot tub and the charming bathroom decor that surrounds it? It’s a bit retro and that makes the room feel very warm and inviting. The floral walls, the dark blue surfaces and the geometric floor tile pattern and some of the details which together turn this room into a very lovely and beautiful space. We found it via @comedowntothewoods.

There’s no need to go overboard with all the decorations if you want to make a bathroom look nice and inviting. This decor shared by @rwpropertysolutions is quite simple. The shower enclosure is one of the biggest attractions along with the pattern created by the floor tiles. Everything else is very basic.



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