Bathtub Candle

When I am very tired I just want to have a long hot bath and relax there in the water until I feel better and ready to face life again. Just like me many other people like relaxing in the bathtub. And in order to make the atmosphere even more relaxing and calm, you should also dim the lights. Again some people prefer using candles instead of the strong light of the light bulbs. This Bathtub candle is perfect for my scenario and you can use it to make the environment perfect for a relaxing bath or for a romantic one, too. This candle is actually a normal candle that is only shaped like a bathtub.

The exterior of the candle, I mean the bathtub shape is made of hard paraffin wax and the inside is filled with soft wax that also has a thread inside. You will lit that thread with a match and it will burn, also burning the wax around. The design of this item is very interesting, as the candle looks like an old Victorian bathtub, having the back part a bit higher than the front part and resting gently on four animal legs. Apart from the nice design, the candle offers you five hours of continuous discrete lighting for just $13.

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