Bathtub and shower in one unit

Most people don’t have the luxury to have both a bathtub and a shower unit in their bathroom, mostly because of the restricted space. But just because you have a small bathroom, this doesn’t mean you have to give up at any of these pieces. You can have them both without any problems.

Here’s a very useful and practical combination that would be great for any small bathroom. It’s a combination of a bathtub and a shower unit, all in the same structure. This means you can have them both without having to sacrifice anything and without making your bathroom look crowded. The shower unit is actually part of the bathtub. This means you won’t be able to use them individually in the same time but nobody really does that anyway. The shower is perfectly usable and it will not incommode those who choose to take a relaxing bath instead of a quick shower.

This is a modern unit combination that comes in several different colors and patterns. The dimensions however are not customizable. It’s called Twinline2 and it’s a very ingenious and practical design, perfect for small spaces. The tub is very comfortable, even though half of it it’s actually a shower unit. Also, the shower is very well placed in there because the tub acts like a supports that prevents water from getting all over the place.{found on artweger}

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