Bathroom Trends at IDS 2017 – Feature Tubs and Compact Fixtures

Fabulous free-standing bathtubs and compact fixtures for small spaces were among the stand-out bathroom trends on display at IDS 2017 in Toronto. Homedit searched out the coolest new fixtures and designs for you and your next bathroom renovation.

The wood and the basin are a fantastic combination.

This model also has the moveable tray.

The wild wallpaper adds to the fun.

The patterned wall is a nice feature too.

Shiny and deep, this is a truly luxurious tub.

It adds a romantic touch of mood lighting to the bathroom.

Freestanding tubs have become very popular in the past few years and the trend shows no signs of slowing down based on the offerings shown at IDS2017. Designers are presenting new finishes and shapes, as well as down-sized versions of luxurious tubs for smaller bathrooms. Native Trails showed this spectacular Santorini soaking tub, which is forged from high-quality recycled copper. Master coppersmiths spend weeks crafting the textured finish with thousands of hammer strikes.

Shiny and deep, this is a truly luxurious tub.The Aspen tub is also copper with a brushed nickel finish.

Native Trails also showed their Avalon 62 tub that looks like concrete, but is actually a mix of natural jute fiber and cement known as NativeStone. The thick shell ensures that a hot soak will last a long time.

The novel material makes the tub lighter than usual.

Fleurco’s deep Aria tub is compact and luxurious with sleek, tapering sides.

Sleek freestanding tub design

Produits Neptune featured a number of colored tubs for those who want to add a bold touch to the bathroom. This red one is marvelous.

Red makes this the centerpiece any bathroom.

Zitta made their elegant Evora tub even more appealing with a luminous silver finish on the outside. The tub — made for two — is acrylic and has a shape that provides a number of installation options.

Last year, Zitta presented a gold version of the Evora.Tenzo’s shapely tub has a console that consolidates all the tub controls.

Vanico Maronyx showed their  Taiga tub, said to have been inspired by the lakes of Quebec, Canada. Made for one or two people, it includes a backrest that is comfortable for sitting in the tub and reading. The wood feature on one side is an interesting detail.

It can be positioned against a wall to hide the wood if desired.

This model from Vanico comes without a base and instead features an LED light that seems to make the tub float.

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It adds a romantic touch of mood lighting to the bathroom.

Smaller bathrooms were a focus for many vendors like Zitta, who showed this shorter tub that still offers a deep soaking experience. The headrest at the tall end makes it extra comfy. Keeping one end tall and thin, and the other attached to the corner for the fixtures helps make the most of a smaller bathroom space.

Small freestanding tub for corner

Vanities and wash basins are also being redesigned for smaller bathrooms for those who want to make the most of their space. Native trails farmhouse-style sink is a bathroom version that is perfect for a narrower vanity in a tight space.

The farmhouse style is unexpected for a bathroom.

A more formal design from Pier Deco features a powder room basin that has a stunning frame with elegant legs. The metal components add to the fancier feel that the thin legs provide.

The open space under the sink is appropriate for a powder room.

DXV from American Standard featured several full bathroom settings, such as this sleek and angular double sink vanity. The solid surface that extends to the floor in the front eliminates visual clutter and  is very modern.  A recessed center console provides space for toiletries or other necessities.

This design allows for a double vanity in a tighter space.

Fleurco showed a number of compact vanities with a basin and storage. For a powder room or a very small bathroom, the vanity is designed to be very functional and compact, from the faucet placement to the storage underneath.

The vanity does not extend to the floor, which prevents the space from feeling cramped.The curved vanity is a little larger, but still appropriate for a small area.
The storage underneath is very functional thanks to the shaped drawer.

Vanico’s slim sink is just 18 inches deep and features storage underneath and in the tower to the right. The lighted mirror works at the touch of a finger.

The slim sink has just enough surface area to place a few toiletries.The storage tower has an amazing about of space for its size.

Tenzo debuted a line of vanities for the first time ever. They too include storage and are appropriate for a bathroom of modest size. Like most other styles for small spaces, the vanities do not extend to the floor, which can feel crowded.

Last year DVX debuted their amazing 3D printed faucets, but this year, the year the company showed its newest product, which is a sleek bathroom sink design with a stylish drain cover and a moveable tray.

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This model also has the moveable tray.

Vanico also presented a new vanity with their organically shaped basin. The vanity top is made from reclaimed submerged wood, which has a rustic and texture surface. The wood comes from logs submerged in Quebec lakes and rivers since the beginning of the last century.

The wood and the basin are a fantastic combination.

We loved this private vanity from DVX with its marble top, embellished cupboards and fanciful gold mirror.

The wild wallpaper adds to the fun.

This double vanity is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. The cabinet can be removed from either side to allow of wheelchair access and the mirrors are angled downward for the proper viewing angle. The adaptable design is from Vanico.

Every bathroom needs fixtures and Rubinet Faucet Company displayed some colorful and cool options. From neon LED lights to brightly colored fixtures, they are all available in a range of colors.

If modern and colorful isn’t your style, we found this retro fixture that would look great in any shower. The larger head, brushed metal and old-fashioned knobs are distinctive.

DXV showed this novel all-in-one shower room. The set up includes dual rainfall showers, a mirror, bench, and a sink. It’s an efficient use of space and  could even speed up your morning routine.

Surrounded with smooth surfaces, the shower is easy to clean without grout and other crevices.

With Zitta’s new free-standing round shower, it’s possible to install it anywhere in the bathroom. The drain and the water lines connect straight to the floor and do not need a wall for installation.

Wet Style of Canada’s zero clearance shower is convenient for everyone. The fold-down seat is also really useful because it doesn’t take up space when not in use.

The patterned wall is a nice feature too.

Wet Style also has a bathroom design that makes the most of space in a stylish way. The offset vanity, thin wall shelf and moveable storage bench add lots of function.

Whether you’re about to launch a bathroom renovation or are just thinking about it, there are plenty of new designs and innovations to consider. Big space or small, it’s possible to have a luxurious, functional and stylish bathroom.



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