Bathroom Storage Shelves – The Design Commitment You Won’t Regret

It’s hard to make a big design commitments such as painting the walls in your home a really bold and unusual color or replacing the old sofa with beanbag chairs. Compared to these changes, adding a few open shelves to the bathroom seems insignificant. But even small changes can have a big impact on the decor and ambiance of a room. The bathroom shelves are a very good example. Even though they don’t seem like a big deal, they can really make a difference.

Open shelves and bathrooms go hand in hand. There are lots of things in here that need to be accessible, things like toiletries and beauty products or even decorations. Open shelves let you store and display these things right where you need them without making any big changes to the bathroom’s decor or layout. They’re just extra features which you can add at any time.

Fill the shelves in your bathroom with things you use on a daily basisBathroom shelves are great for storage and they keep the decor open and airyA shelf can be placed below the vanity and used as a storage platform for extra towelsAn option is also to have a shelving unit that keeps everything organized

The advantages that these shelves offer are numerous and the most important of all is all the extra storage that they offer. This is something to look forward too especially if you have a small bathroom or powder room. Another pro is the fact that bathroom storage shelves are very practical and they help keep the space clutter-free and well-organized. It’s always nice to have a tidy home so why not improve on that?

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Vertical shelving units like this one are very practical, even in small bathroomsThe shelves are not just for storage. They’re also great places to display things onChoose shelves instead of closed cabinetry if the bathroom is small or darkMetal shelves in general give the room an industrial look which you can exploit in a lot of great waysSmall cubbies are more practical when it comes to organizing lots of different items
Choose the type of shelf that suits your storage or display needsShelves are usually great for displaying collections and that can even be applied in the bathroom

There are a lot of different types of shelves of bathroom decors of all kinds. They can be made of various materials such as wood, glass or metal and they can be a source of color for the room, either because of their own color and finish or because of the items displayed on them. Then there’s also the fact that shelves in general are inexpensive and easy to install in easily-accessible places. This bring us to another issue: the placement of the bathroom shelves.

Some bathroom furniture pieces combine open and closed storage compartmentsAvoiding placing your bathroom shelves too high on the wall. They should be easily accessibleAdd LED light strips to the shelves to create dramatic visual effectsIn addition to being very practical, bathroom shelves are also very versatile and customizableA single shelf can delineate the backsplash and provide space for potted plants and decorations

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There are plenty of suitable places for shelves in the bathroom. One of the most common option is above-the-toilet shelves. It’s a way of putting this space to good use and at the same time of creating a focal point there that distracts from the toilet itself which isn’t exactly an attractive part of the bathroom, aesthetically speaking.

Use your creativity and create unique configurations that reflect your styleIt’s entirely possible to turn shelves into your primary storage strategy for the bathroomOpen shelves can fit in the oddest space like underneath the bathtubActually, tubs with built-in shelves are a really good idea from both a practical and aesthetic point of view



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