Bathroom Interior Design Ideas To Fit Your Budget

Most people who do renovations start with their kitchen. Oftentimes, they end there too. But the bathroom is one of the most satisfying rooms to remodel. Everyone in the house uses the bathroom every day, so why not make it a peaceful place to be? 

These bathroom interior design ideas will give you affordable ways to make changes to your bathroom. Maybe all you need is new lighting or perhaps, you want to flip the entire thing! That’s all up to you, we’re just here to inspire. 

Solid Marble Vanity

While you may not be able to afford kitchen counters that are marble, a bathroom counter is much smaller. So small that if done right, you can get a solid piece of marble for the whole thing.

For a cheap cut, ask home improvement places if there are any returns you can have at a discount. 

This marble is about 8-12-inches thick. However, you can always opt for a single top layer on any bathroom cabinet or vanity. You can also get faux marble at a fraction of the price that looks like the real thing.

Modern Eccentric Sink

Custom sinks aren’t cheap, but you can get unique freestanding sinks that will do the trick. The most affordable way to do this is to get a standard cabinet and set a special sink on top of it. Search for unique basin sinks to get started. 

However, an even more impressive bathroom interior design involves a sink and cabinet that’s all in one piece. These are harder to find to fit your budget but so worth it if you can pull it off. Nothing is more sophisticated than solid pieces. 

Traditional Table Vanity

This look works for a farmhouse, shabby chic, and beach house bathroom interior designs. It starts with a traditional table or island. From there you install a bowl sink and faucet that will be attached to the wall.

If you’re lucky, you can hide the plumbing completely in a box on the wall or behind the table. That way, the entire thing looks natural. If you can’t, you can always place a dummy sink on the table and a small working sink elsewhere. 

Hanging Mirrors

If all you can afford to remodel your bathroom is a few home decor accessories, then don’t worry. There are a few things you can do that will make a huge impact on the end result. For instance, a hanging mirror.

A hanging mirror will make the area appear lighter and more calming. It will look best without any other bulky furniture or appliances near. Try using simple frame sink and tub units for the best results. 

Backlit Mirrors

Another great way to amp up your mirror game is to add a backlight. If you do this you can add a simple, frameless mirror, the cheapest one you can find. Backlights aren’t expensive either. You can go with LED or fairy lights.

This bathroom interior design adds a floating sink and freestanding bathtub. A simple seat in the corner makes this bathroom inviting and the cabinet with visible white towels makes it appear neat and tidy. 

The Bathroom Garden

People tend to leave house plants for the living room and bedrooms. The reason for this is unknown, but it needs to stop. There’s no reason why plants shouldn’t be in the bathroom, as long as there is enough natural light to keep them alive. 

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Some of the best bathroom plants include the pothos because it’s easy to keep alive, the snake plant because of the thick leaves, and bamboo because of the vibe that it gives off. Not to mention, all of these are affordable and easy to find. 

Floating Sinks

We talked about floating sinks earlier, and that’s because they are trending in nearly every state right now. More often than not, they have sharp lines and little to no hardware. The tub, cabinets, and mirrors often follow suit.

This bathroom was inspired by a visit to Japan. Notice the tree that is reminiscentt to the bonsai tree and uniform lines. If you want a cheaper Japanese plant, then get bamboo, which we’ve mentioned works well in any bathroom. 

Half And Half Paint Job

If you have OCD, then this bathroom interior design trend is not for you. However, if you’re an artist who likes things a little messy, then you will love it. It starts with wallpaper or a mural of some sort. 

From there, you paint one half of the wall. You can even paint one half one color and the other half another color to save money instead of using wallpaper. What’s so unique about this design is that the lines aren’t even. 

Half And Half For The OCD

If the half and half look speaks to you but you can’t stand things that aren’t uniform, then maybe there is a happy medium. This bathroom design paints the upper half white and the bottom half a bright color.

In this particular design, they also spaced the cabinet and sink to balance the room out. Each piece is the same distance from the wall and meets in the center. That’s the most important aspect for someone living with OCD. 

Bathroom Seating 

If you look at most bathrooms, you’ll notice that seating isn’t very common. Most people don’t hang out in the bathroom, but there are cases where seating is quite useful. When getting ready, for example.

This bathroom utilizes its extra storage by turning it into a seat. The cabinet is already waterproof, so there are no worries when coming in from swimming or out of the shower. All-in-all, it’s the perfect solution to a lack of seating. 

Create Your Own Vanity

This may be the most unique vanity that we’ve ever seen. It is an inspiration to anyone struggling to create an original design within their own budget. Anyone can find an affordable bike, from there it’s simple construction. 

Although this bicycle looks fantastic, it’s not the only thing you can use. One visit to the thrift store should inspire you. Or if you don’t want to shop in person at this time, there are plenty of e-commerce stores to choose from. 

Red Carpet Bathroom

While marble floors, vanities, and walls are a great way to make your bathroom look like a million bucks, it isn’t the only way. The items seen here, such as pearls and candelabras, are more than affordable.

You can get knock-0ff pearls and plastic or steel candelabras just about anywhere online. If you can only find plastic, then remember that a can of silver spray paint can go a long way in adding value to your items. 

Glass, Glass, And Glass

Glass is one material that is affordable, yet brings the value of any room up. This bathroom utilizes that by adding glass jars and bottles as decoration. They minimize furniture to heighten the effects of said glass.

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The freestanding tub and basin sink make the room feel airy while the floating shelves give extra space. This look is perfect for that beach house due to the bottles reminding one of sea glass or messages in a bottle.

Unique Mirror Shapes

Believe it or not, it’s not that expensive to have a mirror custom cut. However, if you can’t find a place to do so during this time, then you can find plenty of options on eBay, LetGo, or Craigslist. Or, a personal favorite, Chairish. 

A custom-cut mirror, even if it’s not your custom cut, is an entire bathroom interior design in itself. Sometimes all it takes is a round cut, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get something so unique, you’re the only one with it.

Textured Walls

The easiest way to get textured walls is with textured wallpaper. While spackling works well, it takes a trained team to do it right, not to mention the cost of paint for painting over it. With wallpaper, you can do it yourself.

Textured wallpaper comes in all textures and patterns. But if you want to paint over the wallpaper yourself, you can buy anaglypta which is a thin paper that adheres to walls and can be painted with any interior paint.

Hanging Lights

If you pay attention, you’ll see that hanging lights aren’t all that common in bathrooms. Especially those without a shield. When they do appear, they are hung above the vanity as that will give off the most light.

However, if you’re looking for something different, then consider simple bulb lights hung in odd places. Get a unique, larger bulb or place small ones throughout the room. Just remember to get plug-in lights so wiring isn’t a problem. 

Symmetrical Jack And Jill

There’s something quite satisfying about Jack and Jill sinks as symmetrical as these. Not only do they have the same sinks, but they have opposing drawers, shelves, and mirrors. The way they are floating only adds to this effect. 

The only thing that separates these two is the jars in the center, which will hold toothbrushes and such for their respective owners. This not only breaks the two apart but gives each side a chance to personalize. 

A Vanity Prep Area 

Most people forgo a vanity set up complete with a chair. But in actuality, it’s not only trendy to have one but it’s practical. Having a place to get ready comfortably is amazing. The chair can then slide to the side when not in use. 

The bathroom can be one of the most therapeutic rooms in the house. You take an Epsom salt bath and sit down to do your daily routine, makeup, or simply enjoy a few minutes alone with a piece of nature. Hence the house tree. 

Tubs With Feet

A freestanding tub with feet, or a clawfoot tub, is one of the biggest statements you can make in a bathroom. They work in bathrooms of all sizes, standing out the most in smaller bathrooms but fitting the theme of a large wallpaper bathroom. 

If you do use a freestanding bathtub, complete the interior bathroom design with a pedestal sink and smaller freestanding toilet. This will keep the look light. Speaking of light, one of those backlit mirrors will complete this look. 



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