Bathroom Faucets and Accessories For A Spring Makeover

Replacing a bathroom suite is an expensive approach to take, when updating your washroom, and often causes lots of disruption whilst the works are in progress. However, you can get an entirely new feel to your bathroom’s décor a lot more easily by simply updating the basin and bath tub with new faucet fixtures.

Moreover, new fittings are a relatively cost effective way of getting a new look, without having to replace the suite and retiling as a result. If your current suite is in good condition, why not make the change this spring? You don’t have to throw away your old faucets and can use them again in the future. And, if you have a second bathroom, or an en-suite, you could make over both rooms by simply switching faucet sets. Nevertheless, cost considerations aside, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so what would make for the best choices in the coming season?

Shimmering Bling.

If you want to make your bathroom a bit more of a fun place to be in and to add a certain amount of glamour, then why not opt for a new set of faucets that are blinged-up? Shimmering chrome and even brushed stainless steel faucets reflect the light and will add sparkle to any bathroom.

Faucets that are embedded with fake diamonds only add to the glamorous appearance and are ideal in a girly bathroom, fit for a diva. However, the look soon fades if you live in a hard water area and have no water softener system installed. Lime scale looks even worse in a faucet with lots of detailing, because they are harder to clean. So, fittings with bling are best avoided if that applies to you.

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Double Faucets.

His and her sinks have always been popular for en-suite bathrooms that serve the master bedroom. However, a single basin unit, usually double-width, is becoming on trend with contemporary bathroom designers, just now. This creates a space that is shared but is roomy enough for two to use simultaneously. In such cases, two sets of faucets are the way to go. Replace your basin with a double-width one and install twin set of faucets to serve it, for a coordinated springtime makeover.


Ceramics are not often used by faucet manufacturers, but there is no other material that connects as well with the bathroom suite. Consider a faucet that serves your bath tub or hand wash basin that has a ceramic base. These units are often drip-free and are available with detailing that can match, and therefore coordinate with, your bathroom’s feature tiling.

Nozzles and Taps.

Single faucet fittings, that combine the flow control tap and the nozzle into one mixer unit, have been popular for years. However, there has been a resurgence of interest in separate nozzles and taps. This is not necessarily down to retro-chic, though the look works well in vintage bathrooms. Nowadays, faucets nozzles that are sold separately from the control tap have modern and contemporary styling. Why not make the switch from a single mixer unit to make over your bathroom?

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Go Gold.

Chrome and stainless steel fittings are not the only choices when it comes to new bathroom faucets. Gold finishes create another distinctive look. Gold fittings are highly suited to a traditional looking, or even vintage, bathroom. However, a gold faucet set, installed over a simple basin, can work with more contemporary styled bathrooms, too. Just remember not to over do the use of gold.

Mirror Mounted Faucets.

Instead of just replacing your wall mounted faucets, why not remove the old ones and install a mirror over your splash back tiling? New faucets, that are set in front of the reflective surface of a new bathroom mirror, look fantastic and show the new fittings off at their best.

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