Bathroom Designs to Open Up Your Space and Create a Calm Atmosphere

Clean lines and pared down silhouettes are dominating bathroom designs. Whether this is being driven by the calm feeling that is generated by a Zen-like space or a desire to do away with visual clutter, the spare look is in. More than just a nod to minimalism, the designs also are overwhelmingly neutral with soft, natural colors at play. That said, these bathrooms have very efficient and stylish designs that are far from boring. Take a look at these bathrooms for some ideas you can incorporate into your own home.

Spare Industrial DesignA light palette for the walls and floor are key with dark furnishings.A light palette for the walls and floor are key with dark furnishings.

Even though this bathroom by Scavolini in collaboration with Diesel has an industrial vibe, it is centered around the large tub that has a very linear and spare look. All the metal fixtures in the bathroom are industrial and rather masculine. The vanity is like a piece of furniture that sits in front of glass “wall paneling” that has a copper finish and holds a Lunar mirror. The color palette is decidedly neutral and the tile that looks like exposed brick tiles. This is about as complex as current bathroom designs get.

Multipurpose SpaceDespite all the equipment, the bathroom is spare and clean-lined.Despite all the equipment, the bathroom is spare and clean-lined.

One of the more novel concepts we have run across is the Gym Space series bathroom that was designed by Mattia Pareschi for Scavolini. The series turns a typical bathroom space into a dual-necessities purpose space by incorporating pieces of gym equipment. From the standpoint of space and practicality, it makes sense: Sweat, get undressed and shower. While the design of the bathroom obviously includes more pieces because of the fitness equipment, the vanity and other typical bathroom elements are quite minimal. Instead of filling the space with cabinetry galore, it includes a rack that can be used to hold everything for not just bathroom necessities but gym needs too.

The same style can work for regular storage instead of gym equipment.The same style can work for regular storage instead of gym equipment.
Multiple Floating VanitiesMixed finishes make for a more interesting space.Mixed finishes make for a more interesting space.

Floating vanities are quite popular and now designers are including more than one in a bathroom’s design. The multiple levels are made from different materials and are staggered to provide plenty of space for placing bathroom necessities. In fact, they offer more counter space with less square footage required because of the overlapping sections. This design features a vessel sink and wall mounted fixtures, which also preserve precious counter space. These types of vanities aren’t just for saving space but are ideal for making any bathroom feel roomier. The soft color palette of gray with green undertones is particularly soothing.

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Sleek vanities have an edgier feeling.Sleek vanities have an edgier feeling.

These floating vanities show an edgier look that incorporates a built-in washbasin. A slim vanity for the top section emphasizes minimalism and the larger bottom section anchors the pieces visually. A tall narrow mirror is a far cry from the more dated large mirrors that stretch the full length of the vanity. The vertical mirror allows the wall space to also accommodate a small open shelving unit that can hold accessories. A pendant lamp replaces the usual sconces that would flank the mirror. The darker color palette in this bathroom space also adds a modern tone.

Single Floating VanitiesFloating vanities are ideal for smaller bathrooms.Floating vanities are ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Floating vanities don’t have to be large. This one shows how an ample sink can be paired with a floating cabinet in a smaller space. Tight quarters like this can gain space by using wall-mounted fixtures and keeping the floor clear with all floating fixtures. This is an instance where a pop of color makes the neutral gray walls more interesting.

The more traditional style of floating vanity has a mirrored front.The more traditional style of floating vanity has a mirrored front.

This floating vanity by Antonio Lupi has a more traditional style because of its size and the way in incorporates full cabinets. Sliding mirrored doors reflect the surroundings, making it feel larger and the wall mounted faucet again saves space on the vanity top. The vessel sink is large and plenty deep. Instead of shelving that protrudes from the wall, this design has a recessed shelf in the wall, which helps keep the lines of the space minimal.

Obvious MinimalismStrict minimalism is played up with stark white fixtures.Strict minimalism is played up with stark white fixtures.

No other word more accurately describes this bathroom than minimalist. Devoid of any excess flourishes and elements, the aesthetic is emphasized by the use of identical large neutral tiling on the floor and all the walls. Stark white fixtures and a vanity float above the floor, minimizing the visual weight of the elements. Even the mirror is a simple, frameless rectangle.

Dual But Separate VanitiesTwo smaller vanities are an option instead of a large one with two basins.Two smaller vanities are an option instead of a large one with two basins.

Usually, a double vanity is one structure with twin basins, but this bathroom design features two separate basin/vanity pieces. Each unit has its own round basin with a corner-mount faucet and a separate area for necessities. Underneath, a small cabinet contains storage space and also is the mount for a towel rack that curves around the unit. The mirrors have a small ledge built in for convenience, eliminating the need for a separate little shelf on the wall. Here too, the white color palette and the floating elements give the bathroom a light and open feeling.

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Architectural TubThe black architectural frame highlights the shape of the tub.The black architectural frame highlights the shape of the tub.

Stand-alone tubs and architectural feature in the bathroom have been hot trends for a while, but this tub combines the two trends into one very cool bathtub. The Bette Lux Shape has a square base of powder-coated steel that supports the sleek tub, along with a block underneath. Rounded and beautiful, the streamlined tub has a light, almost weightless look and is definitely the focal point of the bathroom.

The same tub is available in a darker hue.The same tub is available in a darker hue.
Luxurious TouchesThis bathroom space has a vanity and feels like a living room.This bathroom space has a vanity and feels like a living room.

While this is a very streamlined space, the feeling is a bit more sumptuous than some of the other minimalist bathroom designs. The large tree lends a very natural feeling and the living-room-like additions of a rug and armchair make the are luxurious. The basins are Cielo’s Elle, which feature a linear design and square shape. A combination of materials like wood and ceramic also add a natural touch to the space. The color palette is neutral but the soft blue on the painted ceiling — also a trend — emphasizes the natural aspects. In total, this is a warmer setting than the average bathroom.

This streamlined basin set seems a little like a dressing table.This streamlined basin set seems a little like a dressing table.

A similar spare option is the Siwa basin, also from Cielo, with its clean lines and simple shape. Although it is not expansive it still has a very refined style. The ceramic basin is larger and more substantial in this model. Combined with a hanging pocket storage unit and the simple but large round mirror, it is a pleasing, compact bathroom set.

Quite a few different options exist for creating a lighter silhouette in the bathroom, none of which are boring.  The level of minimalism and style of the fixtures is driven by taste and budget. So, before it’s time to remodel, take a good look at the space you have available and how these types of designs can make it feel more serene and spacious. You might be surprised!



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