Bathroom Countertop Storage Solutions With Aesthetic Charm

Although it’s possible for a bathroom to conceal everything inside closed cabinets, some things just need to sit on the counter. This often raises a problem: dealing with the need for a practical and aesthetically-pleasing bathroom countertop storage option. While there are definitely solutions, finding the right one can be quite difficult and a little bit of inspiration is always welcomed. The focus today will be on DIY project, more exactly on some ways in which you can take matters into your own hands in order to deal with the countertop storage crisis in your bathroom.

A bathroom needs to be both well-stocked and organized and one way to deal with both these requirements is by crafting a storage box in which you can keep things like extra toilet paper rolls, hand towels, moisturizer and other supplies. The project (which we found on ourkidthings) starts with a simple cardboard box. The first step is to wrap rope all around the exterior of the box, using glue to keep it in place. Then the interior needs to be lined up with some fabric. If you want, you can also add some ribbon for a touch of color.

It’s practical to keep your makeup products and toiletries on the bathroom counter but you need a storage system for them. A chic and simple option is to sew some storage bags like the ones you see here. To do that, you’ll need some which white cotton fabric, metallic iron-on vinyl, a sewing machine, glue and a cork sheet or some thick cardboard. You can find the instructions for the project on thelovelydrawer.

Everyone knows that mason jars are great for storage and can be repurposed in lots and lots of useful ways. So why not use them in the bathroom to keep things organized? Of course, leaving the jars as they are might be just a bit too simple so instead you could give them a makeover. Use some paint and some sandpaper to give your jars this lovely distressed look. Find our more about the technique you need to use on masonjarcraftslove.

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If you feel like your bathroom counter could use a splash of color, you can paint some simple mason jars and then use them to store q-tips in. It’s both practical and good-looking. It’s a very simple DIY project which shouldn’t take more than five minutes. All you’ll need is the jar and some spray paint. Basically you just have to turn the jar upside down and spray it so the paint splashes up the sides without looking like a solid color. {found on thecraftedlife}.

For things like nail polish bottles, eye shadow and other small items your bathroom could use a tiered storage caddy. All you need to make something like this is a candlestick holder and two dinner plates. This is also something you can use on your vanity to store and organize your jewelry. Found out more about it here.

Tiered storage system are practical, especially because they take up little counter space and offer lots of storage by comparison. For instance, with this double wire basket combo featured on goldenboysandme.  Such a system is useful for storing small things like q-tips, cotton balls, mouthwash, toothpaste and hand lotion while the larger items are kept in drawers, out of sight.

With tiered storage systems it’s easier to organize everything. You could have some hand towels rolled and stored on the bottom shelf, lotions and other products above them and the little things at the top. This way you can create a personalized system for all the things that you want to keep on your bathroom counter. You can even a place for a potted plant or a small vase on one of these shelves. Find out more on happinessishomemade.

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There’s no universal storage solution that can apply to all bathrooms. However, some ideas are versatile enough to work almost every time. For instance, you can use a wire basket like the one featured on the36thavenue to keep extra towels in. Just roll the towels and tuck them in neatly. You can paint the basket if you want and you can even glue some ornaments on it. A cute starfish would look nice.

It would be unfair to assume that everyone has a cluttered bathroom, with lots of things on the counter. Still, this doesn’t mean keeping the counter empty is the best option either. If all you want to keep on your counter is a jar full of q-tips and some cotton balls, there’s always a chic way to do it. For example, store these things in glass jars and put them on a tray along with a small vase for a fresh and delicate touch. {found on hgtv}.

Trays are actually very practical. They help organize things all in one place, avoiding messy counters. In the bathroom, a large tray could hold things like the soap dispensers, moisturizers, brushes and maybe even a scented candle just to set a warm and pleasant mood. You could use a ceramic tray for a clean and simple look or you could opt for one made of wood or metal if you prefer a rustic or slightly industrial decor. {found on centrophobe}.



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