Bamboo Towels from Cuddledown

I have used many bath towels before but I have never thought they could be made of  something else than cotton and /or synthetic fibers. Well, I have recently found out that you can find some very nice and fluffy bath towels that are made of … bamboo. They make some rayon from bamboo and mix it with cotton (57%) and get these amazing Bamboo Towels from Cuddledown. They are soft and comfy, big enough to cover all the essential parts and dry you off. Actually they seem to be more absorbant than regular towel thanks to this mix they have in their composition.

The towels are mercerized for strength and luster and can be sold separately or in sets, depending on what you want or what you need. You can even choose to have them monogrammed if you want to surprise your spouse and have a special gift for them. These towels are made in Turkey and look incredibly well. You can choose the item that you need in the set from : hand towel, bath towel, washcloth and bath sheet. Of course the price will be different for each item, as they have different sizes. So you will have to pay between $8.00 and $51.00. But you will have the best quality for the money.

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