Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub – a nature inspired wood finish bathtub by Bleu Nature

Nature and man are inseparable. Nature is the place that offers us many things like: shelter, food, protection, fun, beauty, fresh air, materials of all kinds and the list may go on. It is an endless source for man and his lifestyle. Nature also needs man’s protection and care. He must take care of nature and know how to use its resources so that nature could also become useful to the next generations too.Since nature has always been a source for many things, it has also represented a source of inspiration for artists of different fields: painters, writers, sculptors, musicians and even designers.

They were inspired by all its beauties: trees, flowers, birds or animals and created wonderful things which could make you feel closer to nature or even make you think of its importance for our life.Bleu Nature is part of this list and created Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub which is a wood finish bathtub that was inspired by nature.

It represents a combination of organic elements and modern finishes. The natural driftwood adornments are arranged in an earthly motif and combined with the ultra contemporary lacquered metal. There is also a matching light fixture that imitates the same design and there are used the same materials.

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This collection will definitely make your bathroom look more natural and warm. Here you can relax and think of those lovely moments that you spend in the middle of nature. The natural wood façade of the bathtub will remind you of the fresh smell of wood and the beauty of trees.{found on belu nature}.



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