Backlit Mirrors – The Focal Points Of The Modern Bathrooms

Backlit mirrors have already replaced a lot of traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. They’re very appreciated for their special features, especially all the advantages that clearly appeal to a lot of people. But what exactly makes these mirrors so special? Well a lot of things so let’s focus a bit on that.

Backlit Mirrors

One of the biggest advantages when using bathroom mirrors with light strips that are built-in is the fact that there are no unflattering shadows. There’s no need to worry about the placement of the wall sconces or pendant lamps. The backlit mirror with light up everything in a pleasant and uniform manner. You immediately notice an improvement when switching from a regular mirror.

How to choose a bathroom mirror

Contemporary mirror with backlit from LED

Amazing Look of the black bathroom vanity and backlit mirror

backlit mirror LED lighting shades on bathroom

White bathroom design with a stylish and creative mirror featuring backlit

Double sink vanity with backlit mirror

Bathroom design with backlit mirror

Clever mirror design with backlit

Creating a zen mood in bathroom with backlit mirror

Every bathroom is different and every bathroom needs a mirror. Luckily, we have lots of different options when it comes to style design, size, shape and everything else so we can always choose a mirror that perfectly suits the room. But how do we do that exactly? Well, there’s a few things to consider when making such a decision:


Choose the size of the mirror in relation to the size of the vanity but also the overall proportions and layout of the room. A bathroom mirror can actually be too big for the room in which case it overpowers the décor and makes it feel overwhelming. It can also be too small to actually be practical.


There’s no rule saying each bathroom can only have one mirror. In fact, if you have two vanities or two separate sinks/ washbasins, it’s quite common for each one to be complemented by its own mirror. You can also have one mirror for the vanity and another one in a different part of the bathroom. The role of a mirror can be a practical one but also a purely decorative one.


A bathroom mirror needs proper lighting in order to actually be functional. There are several different options in this case. One is to have sconces on either side of the mirror or to use hanging pendant lamps or other types of fixtures to illuminate this particular area. Another option is to get a backlit bathroom mirror that doesn’t require separate light fixtures.


A bathroom mirror can either have a frame or not. Framed mirrors are the most common and they offer the option to introduce an accent material or an accent color into the room. Some frames can have quite intricate designs. Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, are minimalistic and perfectly-suited for modern and contemporary bathrooms.


Bathroom mirrors come in lots of different shapes. Of course, we’re all familiar with the rectangular mirrors. They’re very common and can be displayed both horizontally and vertically, depending on the space. Round mirrors are also quite popular. They’re very elegant and have a soft and feminine look, There are also lots of other shapes to consider, like as square or an oval mirror or hexagonal-shaped ones which can look rather interesting.


A distinct possibility is to have a bathroom mirror attached to a medicine cabinet. This a very common and very practical way to add some storage to this room and to keep a few bathroom essentials handy. Some bathroom mirrors can also have ledges or can include other storage-related features.

9 Best backlit mirrors to choose from the market
Archippos Rectangle Backlit Bathroom

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Archippos Rectangle Backlit Bathroom

The Archippos mirror has a nice and simple design. Its rectangular shape makes it highly versatile and gives it a classic look. You can place it both vertically and horizontally depending on the setup and design of your bathroom and the LED backlighting creates a nice glow and provides enough light so that sconces are not required.

Lilwenn Backlit Bathroom

Lilwenn Backlit Bathroom

The design of the Lilwenn mirror is super simple and only has built-in LED light strips on two of the four sides. Even so, you can still choose to position the mirror either vertically or horizontally in which case the lights are either on the sides or the top and the bottom. The overall dimensions of this stylish mirror are 35” H x 40” W x 2” D.

Orodell Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Orodell Backlit Bathroom Mirror

The Orodell mirror has a square shape which helps to add symmetry to the bathroom décor. The design is very simple and in tone with the typical aesthetic of most contemporary bathrooms. Regardless, this simplicity is also accompanied by elegance and glamour. This beautiful mirror measures 42” H x 42” W x 2” D and has a continuous line of LED backlighting all around the edges.

Clybourn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Clybourn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The Clybourn bathroom mirror offers more than just a simple and stylish design. It has a frosted glass insert and LED lighting along the sides. Additionally, it also features an automatic defogger which ensures that you can see yourself in the mirror clearly even after taking a long hot bath. The dimmable touch sensor makes the experience even better by allowing you to adjust the brightness.

Barley Lighted Bathroom

Barley Lighted Bathroom

Thanks to the dimmable switch, the Barley mirror allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED light from 5% to 100% in order to create the perfect ambiance. The rim gives off warm lighting similar to natural sunlight which makes it pleasant to the eyes. Also, this mirror measures 30” H x 36” W x 1.2” D which gives it a beautiful and modern look.

Backlit Bathroom Mirror Wall Mounted

Backlit Bathroom Mirror Wall Mounted

Given that it measures 40’’ x 24’’, the Keonjinn backlit mirror can either be extra wide or extra tall. It’s excellent if you have a double sink vanity and you prefer to complement it with a single mirror that stretches from one side to the other. The LED backlighting is very subtle and also dimmable. You can set the lighting however you like it and the memory function will remember your setting and apply next time you switch the mirror on.

smartrun Bathroom LED Backlit Mirror

smartrun Bathroom LED Backlit Mirror

The Smartrun backlit bathroom mirror measures 24’’ x 36’’ which is a perfect size for most vanities and bathrooms but can also be found in a variety of other sizes in case you prefer different proportions. It has a touch-sensitive button which allows you to easily adjust the brightness of the LED band that forms a frame around the mirror. Also, the design is rather interesting because of the LED frame we just mentioned that doesn’t go right along the edges but is set a few cms in.

H & A Hans&Alice LED Wall Mounted Backlit Mirror

H & A Hans&Alice LED Wall Mounted Backlit Mirror

The H & A Hans&Alice mirror is only 5 mm thick and features a 22 mm aluminum frame on the back. It has backlighting for an ambiental effect and a touch button that allows to adjust the brightness of the light. There’s also a built-in anti-fog film that is turned on at the same time you switch on the mirror.

BYECOLD Horizontal Vanity Bathroom Mirror

BYECOLD Horizontal Vanity Bathroom Mirror

The Byecold mirror comes with several extra features. With the touch of a single button, you can access three functions and control the light, the defogging and check out the weather forecast. You also have the option to choose between white and warm light and to adjust the brightness. You also get info regarding the time, date, temperature, humidity and alarm settings.

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More bathroom decor ideas featuring backlit mirrorsThe light around the mirror doesn’t have to be white. If you want something special, pick a different colorIn some cases the light that frames the mirror is rather ambientalAlthough the frame is not necessary, it can make a mirror look more elegant

Another detail that might just convince you to get rid of your old mirror and to get a backlit one is the fact that the light it offers is very similar to natural light and superior to other types. The clear and pure light is flattering and easy on the eyes, looking very natural in the room. Also, the LED strips last longer than any light bulb so you don’t need to worry about having to replace them any time soon. In fact, it’s more likely to get a new mirror by the time you may have to deal with this detail.

If the light around the mirror is subtle, some extra sconce or hanging lights would complete the space nicely

LED lights are very energy-efficient and also more environmentally-friendly so in case this was a concern, you can add this fact to the list of advantages. Then there’s also the issue of the glass itself. It seems that the glass used for making backlit mirror is of a higher quality than the ordinary kind. There’s definitely a difference between a traditional mirror and a more modern, backlit kind.

Bright lights, on the other hand, are excellent when applying makeupTurn a backlit mirror into a focal point for the bathroom and keep the decor simpleBacklit mirrors come in lots of interesting and unusual shapes and styles

In terms of style, there are a few things worth mentioning here. A backlit mirror will inevitably become a focal point for the space it’s placed in, usually the bathroom. In a way, that means it doesn’t have to feature an ornate frame, an interesting shape or any other detail because the light will frame it perfectly, allowing it to stand out in a glamorous way.

The frame becomes unnecessary since it’s the light that frames the mirrorYou can also use backlit bathroom mirrors to make this space feel more inviting and to look chicThe faint light around the mirror creates a very pleasant and relaxing ambiance

Since you won’t need freestanding light fixtures anywhere near a backlit mirror, that means there’s more space here for other things. You can take advantage of this if you have a small place and squeeze in some extra storage. Some mirror can be attached to cabinets, much like the ordinary kind. Of course, if you absolutely must, you can complement a backlit mirror with wall sconces or hanging pendant lamps and they can serve separate functions.

The light on these mirrors is very crisp and clear, very similar to natural lightThe light around the mirror is uniform and it creates no shadows which is a great advantageAny extra light is welcome when you have a small bathroom or small windowsThe light around the mirror is ambiental while the hanging pendants are brighter and more eye-catchingSince there’s no need for separate light fixtures around the mirror, this clears up the space

There’s one more advantage to take into consideration when choosing the type of mirror for your bathroom. The kind with built-in LED lights on its back sometimes come with extra features such as motion or proximity sensors or the anti-fog feature. These details really matter in some cases so don’t overlook them.

The diffuse light is very pleasant and gentle but also eye-catchingOf course, the LED light is just a part of the mirror’s charm and interesting look



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