Awesome New Bathroom and Tile Inspiration from Cersaie 2018

Among all the great global design shows, CERSAIE stands out as the place to go to discover the latest trends in bathroom furnishings and ceramic tiles. More than 800 exhibitors pulled out all the stops for the 2018 edition of the show, which took place during the last week of September. The newest innovations in ceramic tiles, bathroom fixtures, wall coverings and more were on display to thrill and inspire. We’ve chosen some of the hottest trends that will be showing up in stylish homes everywhere — take a look!

Trending TileThese layered tiles come in six different colors.

Textural and layered, these ultra chic tiles shown by Florim are more art than simple wall covering. Perfect for a focal wall or stylish bathroom, the Rilievi collection by Zaven is actually a combination of tiles. The arrangement is actually an arrangement of 3D relief tiles that are put on top of a large basic ceramic slab. The ultimate pattern is unique, depending on the way they are installed. While the artistic relief tiles are based on designs from the Sixties and Seventies, the large flat elements are possible thanks to recent advances in materials and technology. The tiles offer an unusual option for a tiled wall that plays on texture and shadows.

These tiles are easily mixed and matched.Soft, earthy tones can still make a graphic tile pop.Muted colors and an aged appearance lend a soft look to the tile.

For a softer, more tactile wall choice, Ceramica Panaria presented the Even collection. It includes a range of geometric designs that come in an assortment of six natural, earthy hues. The concrete material is a perfect material for highlighting the graphic patterns and subtle shading in many of the designs. Both the bold graphics and the blurred, varied designs are fresh interpretations for a contemporary bathroom or other space. The patterns can be mixed and matched, along with complementary solid colored tiles for an arrangement of your own choosing.

Subtly textured tiles add drama to a plain white wall.

Those who prefer to let the texture do the talking will fall in love with ViveCeramica’s newly launched Kamala wall tiles. The geometric pattern provides subtle texture to the tiles, which come in neutral shades of cream, white or gray. These large-format, 45 x 120 cm tiles are ideal for creating a chic wall that a little something extra distinctive without as many joints. The tile provides a high-end look that speaks quietly rather than screams luxury. It is also a great way to add a textural touch to an ultra-modern space.

With a soft and smudged look, these large tiles pair well with patterned accents.A deep relief pattern adds drama to a tile.With today’s trend toward mixed materials, assorted tiles open up new possibilities.

Variety is the spice of life and Realonda Ceramica certainly had plenty of options among its new tile offerings. The first was its Antigua Collection, whose stone has a soft, muted hue that melds well with a variety of decor styles. In addition to the large solid tiles, it also comes in rectangular shapes and can be mixed and matched with options such as the patterned Antigua Lis Mix squares. A more textural type of tile is the Ivy and Habitat series which features a flourished petal design in a deep relief tile. The new lines are all part of a wide, eco-friendly selection of tiling suitable for both walls and floors.

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A mix of glazed and matte surfaces adds drama to a moody bathroom.

Rich and earthy, Emilceramica’s new collection of tiles made from natural volcanic stone is called Vulcanika. With a matte finish or a glossier Raku-style glaze, they can be combined in practically limitless ways to create a serene yet dramatic backdrop for a bathroom. Highly expressive and evocative, the five different shades of matte tile and six raku glaze options can transform the space into a variety of looks, depending on the arrangement and design options chosen.

Stylish bathroom furnishingsA bold hue and modern design make these vanities distinctive.

Scavolini also presented its Tratto bathroom furniture design, which sports bold color and a modern use of metal with a matte finish. The double vanity design is super functional, yet elegantly divided by a central space. Each side of the vanity has its own unique towel rack arrangement and soap dish, along with plenty of countertop space for each person. Above, modern, long and lean mirrors are lighted from behind and accented with a thin cylindrical pendant light. The central shelving echoes the metal used on the vanity and is perfect for storage or display items.

Sleek lines and a low profile make this vanity modern and versatile.

The June Collection from Scavolini is a bit more mainstream with a modern twist. A rack at one end of the long vanity is similar to the one used in the June collection. Sleek wall-mounted cabinetry devoid of hardware offers plenty of storage space and a long shelf and lighted mirror finish off the set. A trendy stand-alone tub takes center stage in the corner and a tankless toilet contributes to the modern lines of the bathroom.

Fitting in FitnessAn in-bathroom gym is an innovative idea to add function to this room of the home.

When your fitness equipment is integrated into the bathroom, it’s hard to find excuses for not working out! This unique bathroom concept — called Gym Space — is from Scavolini. Developed and designed by Mattia Pareschi, the bathroom collection creates a space that allows this space to also serve as a gym. Made up of modules that let you adapt the design to your bathroom, it’s the ultimate in convenience: Work up a sweat, peel off your clothes and hop into the shower. The versatile rack system allows for the addition of shelving and racks to hold your workout necessities in a style that matches and complements the vanity unit, which has everything a typical bathroom set-up would have. The innovative design is fabulous for a residence that has a spacious bathroom.

Stand-out BasinsA piece of marble takes on a soft appearance in this sculpted double sink.The single basin can stand on a pedestal for a powder room.

Natural beauty combined with modern mechanical technology is at the heart of the Essence Stone Sink. Designed by Miguel Herranz for Nerinea, it highlights the palpable heft of a piece of marble, yet the smooth, seamless finish lends a soft feeling to the basin. Suitable for wall-mounting as a single unity or as a vanity top on a rustic base, the sink is a work of art made possible by the natural properties that make marble so popular.

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Vessel sinks put the focus on the material used to craft them.

Sometimes all you need is a subtle yet stylish washbasin to complete the look of your bathroom. The Bath Collection showed a wide range of their vessel-like basins that work for a powder room or bathroom. Paired with a typical vanity or a more rustic, desk-style vanity, they have a natural look that is soft and casual. Different depths and types of stone — from cement terrazzo to natural stone — make this a very versatile collection that would work in many styles of bathrooms.

Modern Versions of MarbleThe allure of marble is not limited to bathroom use.

Love the luxe appeal of marble but not the cost? The answer may be these porcelain tiles that are made to look like marble. Appropriate for walls and floors, Atlas Concorde’s Marvel tiles are a modern material for today’s spaces that still has the look of classic marble.  It’s great for bathrooms, but also makes a stunning material for other rooms in the home — basically anywhere you want this type of sleek, opulent environment.

Marble cladding can add a great deal of drama to a bathroom.Natural veining is one of the most attractive features of marble.

Of course, natural marble is always a coveted material for the bathroom — or any room. Cotto D’Este has taken the features of the best marble, such as dramatic veining, and turned it onto the artistic highlight of large, thin slabs of marble that can be installed on walls as cladding. The can also be used for flooring. The Kerlite Vanity combines ceramic surfaces with gorgeous, minimalist tiles of marble. The look of the large wall anchoring the sleek vanity is quite dramatic. While stunning only for its visual beauty, these tiles have added benefits in the bathroom: They are part of the company’s PROTECT collection, which features tiles that are healthier and safer because they have antimicrobial properties.

New innovations provide new options for using marble on surfaces.Embedding marble in mortar creates new, complementary patterns.

Marble in any form is a spectacular choice for the bathroom and manufacturers like Emilceramica are finding new ways to interpret the material for today’s contemporary homes. The company’s Tele di Marmo Reloaded collection presents this classic material in an unusual range of finishes and sizes. A line of five new marble products was launched that include both natural and semi-polished options. Large slabs of stone look like art, with the natural veining the highlight of each piece. Other innovative surfaces are created through new techniques like embedding tiny dots or strips of marble into mortar, or combining slats of marble into an intriguing new surface.

If a bathroom renovation is in your future, these some of the great inspirational new products we saw at Cersaie 2018. From new takes on classic materials to innovative and textural tile designs, there’s plenty to fuel your imagination as you start planning your new dream bathroom!



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