Attractive Plano Acquario

Most of the people are attracted by the mysterious and amazing aquatic world. You may remind yourself how many times you have seen your friends’ aquariums which decorated their homes in an attractive way arranged in different corners of their houses.

Maybe an impressive thing that you rarely met is an aquarium mounted in a shower’s wall. This is possible if you choose Plano Acquario which is an attractive translucent glass wall shower with an aquarium designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo.

Each time you take a shower you may feel like in the middle of ocean where a wonderful world seems to reveal to your eyes. This colored image will also create a relaxing atmosphere which will contribute to your great optimistic and joyful mood.

Plano Acquario will transform your bathroom into an amazing attractive space which will make everyone appreciate your originality and creativity. It matches so well this space, it offers you privacy and its translucent glass wall will increase the amount of light in the interior of the shower cabin.

Kids may also adore this design as they attracted to all the moving beings especially fish and everybody will have the feeling that they are paying a visit to the aquarium from the seaside which they usually see when they go there.

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